How to Choose the Best Lingerie for Valentine's Day

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You have picked out the perfect dress for your Valentine’s Day dinner and your partner has picked out the restaurant you have wanted to try for the longest of times.

How to Choose the Best Lingerie for Valentine's Day

The stage is set and all you need to do now is pick sexy lingerie for your date. Picking out valentine lingerie pieces that appeal to your partner too is not that tough. You simply need to spend some time deciding and perfecting the after-party look as you want to end your Valentine’s Day date on a high note by looking super sexy for your partner.

  • Be you

Be a sexy diva but one that is a sexy avatar of you. Every woman has an individual unique style and your partner knows that too. If you aren’t too comfortable with handling lingerie that involves too many cut-outs, embellishments or straps then do not trouble yourself by choosing to go with this style.  If you love dressing up in girly outfits, you’ll probably be comfortable with sexy but sweet lingerie. For someone who likes to experiment with styles, you are likely to be drawn towards edgy and wild lingerie. The occasion is special and so are you and that is why your lingerie should reflect your true self.

  • What he would like

You are planning your special moment with your special someone and so your choice must also take into consideration his choice. Pick something that he would love to see you in. Buy lingerie in colors that he loves you in and styles that make him fall in love with you all over again. Make this Valentine’s Day even more special by doing your lingerie shopping with your husband as he picks his valentine's day gifts for wife.

  • Something that makes you look good

This is the day when you want to look your best for your partner, not that you shouldn't look at your best other times too. Lingerie styles like a teddy, negligee or a lace bra and bikini panty will make you look sleeker and curvier.  Go for a push-up bra that will give you a million-dollar cleavage or a cage bra which will make your chiseled back look great.  It would be a good idea to try on your pick for the day along with the chosen dress a few days before the D-day or the V-day in this case.

  • Colors to match your spirit and that of the day

We know it may sound like a cliché but we all tend to associate Valentine's Day with colors that reflect love and sensuality. Go for sultry red, glitzy maroons, chic blacks, and baby pinks to get into the mood and spirit of the day but this should not stop you from being you which is something that we said at the beginning. It means no rule stops you from breaking the rules of the day. If you like playing wild get yourself a leopard printed bra or even a floral printed one!

  • It’s not just the lingerie

There is a date night that would come before you get the chance to flaunt your lingerie and you would want that to be perfect too. So pick out a dress that goes with the lingerie style that you have chosen and vice versa. You want to build up the excitement and not wane it. Your dress should be immaculate and so should your makeup, accessories, and hair. All of these things are important in making your evening fabulous while the sexy lingerie makes your nights great.

We wish you a lacy, stringy, and cagey Valentine’s Day. Here’s hoping you got the hint!

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