Why Is Yoga So Much More Popular With Women Than Men?

Posted 4 years ago in EDUCATION.

Read to understand the fundamental reasons behind the encouragement of Yoga practice by women more than the men. Have a look!

Why Is Yoga So Much More Popular With Women Than Men?

It is undeniably true today that women are much more interested in practicing Yoga than men. There could be many reasons behind this, one of them could be flexibility. The body of women are naturally flexible. You must have seen women sitting comfortably crossing their legs in offices or even at home or easily sitting in a Vajarasana Position which is eventually a Yoga pose. Also, the busy but the aware women of this era know the various advantages of practicing Yoga on their body. A woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes during adolescence, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. 

During all these stages, the body of women demands a certain level of care and pampering. Practicing Yoga also lets women feel confident about their body and also helps to develop a strong emotional consistency. Maybe these are some of the important reasons, that makes Yoga much popular amongst women than men. But in this era, the epic and stereotypical question about the popularity of Yoga amongst women more than men keeps on seeking a considerable attention. So, here in this article, you can read about the various important reasons behind incredibly increasing popularity of Yoga amongst the women than the men. Read to know more!

Who can Practice Yoga?

Anyone! Yes, it is factually correct that anyone despite their age, sex, religious beliefs, or ideological contradictions is invited to this impeccably beautiful and pure world of authentic Yoga. It has significant impact on your personality as it guides you towards light, positivity and enrichment. Though recently, it has been discovered that the participation of women in Yoga is way more than men. But the question is why? When Yoga grants same pious spiritual liberation, emotional independency, physical strengthening and rejuvenating mindset to everyone, then why men hesitate to be a part of this wonderful world?

What stops men from practicing Yoga?

There are many reasons behind this; one of them could be the misconceptions about Yoga. Men, generally do not like to concentrate on the theories like ‘no pain, no gain’. Their idea of strengthening is hardcore exercises and so they prefer performing staunch and die-hard exercises. They focus on performing and practicing just the exercise part which is primarily focused on increasing the flexibility of the body. There are many other misconceptions too, such as men often think that Yoga is immensely gentle, meditative and mindful. According to them, it is too spiritual and does not focus on escalating the physical strength. The stigmatization of Yoga is one of the reasons behind the reduction in the percentage of men who like to practice Yoga.

You might have often heard your guy friends say that Yoga is too girly. This is because most of posters or banners related to Yoga comes up with flexible women practicing Yoga in beautiful mats and comfortable pants. Another reason is hesitation as men often think about how they would be perceived if they practice yoga or would it make them a subject of joke in their guy circles. But no! It is important to let your ego and worries go away, your primary focus must be on enhancing your health – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You must meet new challenges, release your ego and hit the mat without any worries. India, being the Yoga capital has many yoga schools nestled at wonderful locations. You can be part of yoga teacher training in Goa, Rishikesh, Nepal or Kerala to develop a strong and effective attitude towards life. The schools conduct various retreats and different scheduled programs in astonishing and tranquil destinations such as 200 hour yoga teacher training in Goa, Kerala or Nepal.

Why women are so inclined towards practicing Yoga?

Undeniably, women these days are more comfortable practicing Yoga than men. It is true that women are prone to adaptability, they are flexible and so it is easier for them to perform various Yoga poses. You might have noticed women sitting in different cafes, restaurants or even on the floor comfortably which also appear to be a Yoga position. Though, men are not so familiar with all these positions and might find it difficult to perform it in daily lives. Yoga is not just all about exercising, it’s different. It is practiced in an extremely gentle and subtle way. Also, the food that you would be offered while you are learning Yoga as a beginner would be entirely Sattvic, which most men find difficult to cope up with. Apart from that, the increasing popularity of Yoga amongst women could be due to:

Reviving control over the body

From the shape of your body to the glow of your skin, everything can be regained with the help of Yoga. It is eventually a way to develop a strong a consistent physical care in form of practicing various Yoga poses. Via mental and emotional exercises, Yoga also optimizes the physical strength of your body. It helps you to develop strong and effective connectivity with your body, Also, it heals your body entirely as it nurtures your strength.

Revitalizing the brain

Not only just your body, it also strengthens your mind and soul. Do you know that all these breathing techniques eventually revitalizes, strengthens and harmonizes the northern and southern spheres of your brain?

Protects women from many fatal diseases

Women are affected by many health hazardous diseases such as breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression, Polycystic ovarian disease and osteoporosis. To cure or to avoid many of the diseases like this, women must practice Yoga.

Spiritual goals

Even during periods, women go through a lot of mood swing phases. Now, practicing Yoga gives proper space to develop a strong and powerful inclination towards spirituality.

Apart from that, it helps to develop clarity and focus on emotional transparency. It also balances the hormones, helps to avoid the menstrual disorders and promotes circulation productively. Also, it prepares the women for child birth, and optimises the reproductive system. During, pregnancy almost every womangoes through a physical and mental tension, it also helps to reduce it or deal with it effectively. May be these are the reasons that evidently proves the reason behind the popularity of Yoga amongst women.