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Yoga is for every age group people. The article consists of the things which should me kept in mind before doing yoga, its various benefits, and relevant videos regarding the article.


                    YOGA- BOTH FOR THE BODY AND SOUL


Remember going to the malls and finally finding a perfect dress, you get upset because it didn't fit well or it didn't look good on you. Even after pushing yourself through a distasteful diet for a long time, you didn't get the wanted results. Have you ever thought about WHY? Because maintaining yourself in perfect shape is something which needs a great deal of COMMITMENT and let's face it, it's A TIME-CONSUMING JOB.

But the truth is, that only diet cannot maintain us for a long time but amalgamating it with exercise can. Now, the first thing which comes to your mind is "GYM" and later after that, "I DON'T HAVE A TIME", "MY BODY IS VERY STIFF" or simply "I DON'T WANT TO DO IT, I AM BETTER OFF WITHOUT IT". You know what, we are done with these excuses, because with this high paced world and with our jobs, stress, anxieties and for the unemployed ones too YOGA is divine medicine.The word exercise doesn't always have to be associated with the GYM, you can also do it without going to the gym, that's right, that is YOGA!!

Do you know, Yoga can give you the much longer and effective results on your body comparatively going to the gym?

Yes, according to the research yoga gives you multiple benefits that gyms cannot. Many of you have been to the gyms and many of you must have left it too after 3-4 months and the repercussions are not good. It's one of my own experiences too. Your body grows at a great speed and meanwhile, even if you try to control it with light exercises and dieting it won't help either. Then finally I delve myself into the ambiance of yoga. It took a much longer time than the gym, but once it started yielding the results it was wonderful, not only to my body but to my mind too and the freshness and peace were the bonus effects which I experienced.

Yoga does not only give you a better shape but it also increases your inherent power and in a balanced manner. It inherits those qualities which have been proven best in the past and in a present too.

Before diving directly into the benefits of Yoga, I want you to go through these points before you perform it:

  1. Wear Comfortable and stretchable cloths and Don’t wear jeans, shirts and others who makes to discomfort.
  2. Trust the teacher and ask for help whenever you needed don’t be shy. It’s very important to confirm whether you’re doing right or not.
  3. Don't take class on a full stomach.
  4. Release the tension
  5. Breath everything
  6. familiarize yourself with some beginners' yoga poses before you take your first class.


NoW, here I am with the list of yoga's benefits, which will make you fall in love with it:

  1. Effective to reduce body weight. However, it will take time but will have much longer effects than gyming.
  2. Boosts resistance power, especially amid the viruses we are living in.
  3. It improves the function of lungs and increases their capacity to keep them healthy and prevent any type of lung disease. Also adding it with the diets will make your other organs healthy too.
  4. It is best to reduce stress, tension, anxiety, and depression.
  5. It improves oxygen-rich blood circulation all over the body which will stop your hair fall (major issue within women) and will make your skin glow like you see in those gap TV commercials.
  6. It will make you much flexible and you won't feel embarrassed anymore while dancing or sitting in a certain position.
  7. Its builds muscle strength and perfects the posture, which I think is very important today, because of continuous sitting works and its excess use have made people like a zombie.
  8. It works wonder for those women who are going through menopause.Many women have found that yoga, including restorative and supportive poses, can improve the undesirable side effects of menopause.

Here is the video which can explain these points more explicitly:

The yoga doesn't only benefit our body, it penetrates so much to our mind and souls too, here are some points which you will find interesting:

1) Yoga increases specific tissues that are responsible for the functionality of interpreting our senses of sight, hearing, smell, and touch. Also, it affects your muscle control and self-awareness

2) It releases a chemical (endorphins) which helps in calming our anxieties and tensions, and it also triggers our brain cells which in turn make us feel happy with more positive feelings.

3) The positiveness generated by yoga inside us makes our soul live in peace which simultaneously works wonders to our behaviours, attitude and moods too.

4) yoga helps in Insomnia, and have proven best in giving soundless sleep. You can try these poses:

5) yoga helps in boosting memory also. It works on older people too.

Older ones are not as energetic as the adults still, yoga has worked wonder for those too. You have heard of Rishi Moonies living longer painless life, well, it is true. I have yoga exercises for them too:

or, you can follow the yoga expert Ramdev Baba:

Yoga is not limited to the mature and older ones. It is important for the kids too. The abrupt change in our culture and living style has led children to live an unhealthy life and as a result we are witnessing obesity in the very bloom of their life. It's very important now to pass yoga as one of the important parts of our legacy to them. Here I am with a video specially for your kids:

Last, yet importantly, the various posters or pranayama do not only intend to give you a fabulous body but a healthy and peaceful mind too which is directly connected to your soul as well. If your mind is at peace your soul is at peace. It is not something made especially for women or older age people, it is for males too. if we think objectively, men are the ones who seriously need to add yoga in their lives, because there are a majority of working men in this world and they are the ones you really need to stress out.

My intent to write this article was not to encourage better body figure rather to encourage the healthy body and healthy mind, which means healthy you So, Yoga is for everybody for every age group and now if you are willing to start yoga right today, then I have yoga exercise for the beginners too, check it out: