Yoga for the body and soul

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Yoga for the body and soul

                      YOGA FOR THE BODY AND SOUL

Everyone of us has imagined at least once in our lives that if only they had enough money, if only they had the perfect clothes, the face, the personality, then maybe they would've been happy. Maybe we would've been content, felt at peace with everything that we have. There would've been the feeling of peace at spiritual and a mental level. But that isn't the end of it. Even if you do achieve all of these things, we have to remember that it is only the materialistic things tat you're being satisfied with, the satisfaction won't last for a long time, because as some people have said, "Our satisfaction never gets satisfied". 

There always comes an end to the materialistic things like money, a complete marble bathroom, the big chandelier hanging by the ceiling in your hallroom. But even these things cannot give you the satisfaction and content of the body and soul. These things cannot offer you the piece of mind. There is going to be one day when you will stop seeing satisfaction in the face of such things. We're all going to come to an age where we are going to think, "I'm too tired to go for a jog" or "I'm too busy", what are we going to do then?

Going to the gym, taking supplements or steriods won't have the same positive effect on your body and mind as Yoga. 

Yoga is not something that has been invented or discovered in the most recent of times, but it is something that has it's roots deep within our history. There were no gymnasiums in the earlier times, then how did the people manage to stay fit even in their old age? The answer is Yoga. It holds the power to purify not your body, but also your mind and soul. It is based upon research that Yoga calms your nervous system, helps with better circulation of blood and oxygen and depletes toxins residing in your body. The only effort that an individual has to put in is to practice it's Asanas as properly and efficiently as they can. 

Upon speaking with personal experience, a few years back I was having severe problems with my studies because back then, I was pursuing something that I never wanted. I didn't fit in that mould which in turn, became a problem in the form of inability to focus, not being able to sleep because of my horrendous thoughts. I couldn't even properly make a decision back then, couldn't wake up on time, it was a lot. And somewhere, without thinking even once I joined in on the yoga club held in my school. I used to try as hard as I can and wake up early, go to school, do yoga and try to let my mind relax. I couldn't see how it affected me in the short run, but I definitely did after a few weeks. I felt healthier, not only physically,but also mentally. 

I had this urge, or maybe a fear of failing back then, the thought that maybe whatever I was doing it wasn't good enough. But let's face it, no one likes to fail, it's just another opportunity for us to start over and somehoe, this is something that I realised after I started doing yoga. It sounds like some made up story, but it really isn't. Yoga helps you to clear your mind, thoughts and feelings, but only if you let it help you. Just like you cannot start with something on a tough level right off the bat, you have to understand somethings about Yoga as well. 

It is meant to be done is comfortable clothes; it could be your pyjamas, a simple T-shirt or something your body feels comfortable in. If you start takinf any Yoga classes, then it is important for you to tell your instructor whether or not you have any medical problems such as difficulty in breathing, pain in your joints, anything. Your instructor then, will teach you the Asanas or poses that seem fit to you in such a way that they do not cause any problem to you.

Yoga is all about breathing in and out to calm your nerves and mind. There are so many positive effects of its own, that it is hard to state all of them! To explain how Yoga has more lasting and better effects than gym, here are some improvements that have been observed:

  • It increases the flexibility of your body and makes your body less stiff.
  • Increases muscle strength and gives a tone to your body.
  • Helps greatly in reducing weight.
  • Proves as one of the best ways to help someone who suffers from axiety, panic attacks.

Another important factor is that Yoga does have an age barrier. Anyone, anywhere can do it. Whether you are a woman in your early 50s, a man in late 80s and even if you're someone still in their teenage years. It helps everyone in one way or another, whether it is managing stress related problems or cure back aches!