How To Set Up A Romantic Dinner Date At Home

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As we enter 2022 - all hoping for a slightly better year than the previous two, we welcome with open arms the optimism of approaching Valentine's Day, springtime picnics and cosy winter movie dates.

How To Set Up A Romantic Dinner Date At Home

As we enter 2022 - all hoping for a slightly better year than the previous two, we welcome with open arms the optimism of approaching Valentine's Day, springtime picnics and cosy winter movie dates.  

From snacks galore, cheesy comedies, fancy restaurants, Netflix and chill, to tours, trips and maybe even a spot of bowling - date nights offer a whole new world of fun to share with your significant other, no matter how you choose to spend it.  

A sure-fire favourite has to be the classic candlelight dinner date at home. It's relaxed, quiet and the perfect opportunity for you and your date to take some time out together, enjoy one another, and get to know each other. But, what do you cook? How do you set the date up, making it a success and not a total flop? You want them to enjoy the night, not gasping to escape your house as quickly as possible.  

Stick with us to know our top tips to create the best dinner date, one that sets the romance whirling and leaves your date dying to come back ASAP! 


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A vital component to any successful dinner date is suitable drinks! Take the edge off those date night nerves and ensure you get something tasty to drink!  

Think of something romantic like Cremant, (a cheaper but just as tasty alternative to Champagne). These delicious bubbles add to the mood and leave your dinner date with an air of sophistication. You can't go wrong with a good Crémant. Or perhaps you're more of a cocktail queen. How about a nice cocktail? You could even make them together as a post-dinner activity!  

Not a drinker, no worries make sure you get some yummy soft drinks or fresh juices in - the last thing you want is to be a little parched during your romantic dinner date!  


You know how it works, you walk into the chicest bar in town, but something feels a little off? You can't put a finger on it, and then suddenly it hits you - the music, it's awful. It's too quiet or too loud, it just isn't doing anything to cheer up the atmosphere.  

The same can be said for your dinner dates at home. You want to set the mood, leaving you and your date at ease and ready for a relaxed and enjoyable night.  

You don't want any music that will take away from the conversation so opt for something chilled and relaxed - maybe even instrumental.  


Consider how far into your dating life you are. Perhaps you're already married, dating this person for years, and conversation flows naturally, with no topics out of bounds. If you’ve just met and this is your first date and are nervous - keep the topic light.  

Try to avoid cliche conversation fillers like work and the weather!  




The chances are if you're planning a romantic dinner date at home, you're probably thinking three courses. So, make sure you consider the appetisers you will be serving up. Take cues from your drinks 

If you are serving Crémant, go for appetisers like asparagus, fresh green fruit salad or oysters.   



Typically, after your appetiser comes the main. Again, think about the beverages you're serving up - you don't want any clashing flavours. If you've decided to serve a Crémant wine, you can freely opt for rich and fatty foods per food expert Fiona Beckett. Think ham croquetas or smoked salmon omelette.  

Additionally, maybe steer clear of too much garlic or onion if you're feeling a little anxious. With that said, your date will likely be eating the same as you - so who cares! 

You'll also want to cook something that can perhaps be prepared before the date night itself so that you don't spend the entirety of the date panicking in the kitchen.  

Also, try not to overeat - the last thing you want at the end of a beautiful date night is to feel too full to move.






Often the favourite course! Why not keep it romantic - think fruit and chocolate fondue, something that can bring you a little closer to your date! If you have a bottle of Crémant d'Alsace with you, pair it with Baked Alaska for dessert.  

Or perhaps a chocolate brownie, or chocolate souffle or maybe chocolate cake if you're a chocolate lover!  

After dinner 

No matter how you spend your time after you have eaten the delicious dinner, make sure you remain relaxed and just try to enjoy the rest of your night while sipping on delicious wine.  

Top tips 

Here are some last-minute top tips to make your date night sizzle! 


  1. Leave your phone alone! There is nothing worse than being on a date and the other person just continuously checking their phone.  
  2. Avoid too much spice. If your date isn't a fan, this could be a little awkward. 
  3. Don't go overboard on the alcohol - you want to enjoy the date night, not get so drunk you don't remember it in the morning, or wake up with a major hangover! 


The bottom line 

There you have it, our top ways to organise and plan the most romantic dinner date. Consider the music, food, drinks, but most importantly, relax and enjoy yourself, and your date is sure to come back for more!  

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