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The concerned article deals with the ways in which yoga benefits both the human and body and the soul inn the most ethereal manner.




The combination of mental, physical and spiritual practises, Yoga, has helped mankind to conquer mental as well as physical stress over hundreds and thousands of years.

Yoga, holds its significant role in the Hindu Mythology. Most of the people across the world know Yoga only as a physical fitness practise and method of relaxation whereas according to Hindu Mythology, Yoga is way more than just a physical fitness practise. It has a mental as well as a spiritual core too which helps you transform in ways that seem almost magical to human consciousness.


Benefits of Yoga to the Soul

Yoga has various benefits to the soul. Yoga helps you get an insight of your inner self thus helping you to let you have a clear conscience with an ability to reflect upon on your thoughts and actions. The way it lets you know the working of your mind enables you to grow on a spiritual level as well where you are able to connect with the divine power in whatever form you perceive it to be which in turn ensures a peaceful course of life.

Yoga also helps us to deal you with the hardships of life by strengthening your mind and soul. It helps you stay calm in the most atrocious situations and makes you strong to deal with the difficult times. Yoga helps in developing a positive mindset which helps you resist all the negativity prevalent around. Yoga helps in improving your concentration power as well.


Benefits of Yoga to the Body

Just like the benefits to the soul, Yoga also provides a lot of benefits to the human body as well. Practising Yoga regularly helps you build your bones and muscles healthier and stronger. Yoga also helps to lower down the risk of heart disease, the nerve blockages and more. Yoga, if practised daily and in a disciplined manner, also helps you attain a healthier and flexible physique. Yoga also helps in regulating the blood pressure. Yoga plays a very powerful role to keep the skin glowing and refreshing. Yoga does help us to overcome anxiety and depression as well.

Practising Yoga for just a few minutes a day but regularly, help us eliminate all the negative factors out from our body, mind or soul.


It is India where Yoga originated and later was spread to different parts of the world and presently the strength and benefits have been globally recognised and it has been both acknowledged and accepted across the globe. The original word Yoga in Sanskrit YOG also means union. Yoga helps to create a unity between the body, mind and the soul. The person practising Yoga on a regular basis has way more chances to live a happier, healthier and stress-free life. The deeper yoga is embedded in your course of life, the happier is the course of life.