Yoga - Both for The Body and The Soul

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The article deals with how yoga can bring a change in one's life

Yoga - Both for The Body and The Soul

 Yoga-Both For The Body And The Soul




Yoga is the combination of a disciplined method to accomplish certain aspirations and techniques to control the body as well as the mind. It contains different types of breathing techniques and exercises that helps to batten health and wellness. There are different asanas which can be adopted for different purpose. These asanas help to improve flexibility, increase strength and reduce mental stress. In this time of self isolation or quarantine, we should stabilize ourselves physically and mentally .What can be better than   yoga!

In a world like this, where being fit is one of the most important aspects when it comes to one’s personality ; yoga could play a vital role. Mental stress has become another common thing in today’s world. Most of the people could not get rid of these issues due to lack of time, place and financial help; yoga could be the best possible solution as it does not required any of that. There are short videos/CDs  available at different platforms through which you can get a good reference. Some experts are also available to guide you without charging a single penny. With the help of these online platforms one can easily adopt the techniques and maintain a healthy life style.

Benefits of Yoga

Practising yoga daily could better the physique,metabolism and strength. It will make your postures better. It also increases the flow of blood and protects our spine. The chances of getting a heart disease gets lower with the help of yoga. Adoption of yoga can lead towards a stress free mind and a better body. 

There is a saying “Health is Wealth”, its high time to think about ourselves and adopt a healthy way to live our lives. We say the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, let’s make yoga that one step as it really can change your body, mind and mood as well. From today onwards adopt yoga as a daily routine, stay healthy and stay positive.



Prangyashree Jena

Living in India