How to Increase Conversion Rate By Using Animated Videos

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Your video must provide value instead of just selling your product. Delivering value to your audience is the best thing that you can do to run a profitable business. For instance, if you are selling software related to website SEO then, make animated videos on the topics like, “what is S

How to Increase Conversion Rate By Using Animated Videos
Increase Conversion Rate Using Animated Videos


How to Use Animated Videos to Increase Conversion Rate

With cheap access to the internet and easy access to affordable smartphones, the consumption of video content is going to increase. To cater to this demand, more than 75% of the content on the web will be in video format by 2021. This is a very good opportunity for businesses to target their potential consumers with videos, influence them and increase their conversion rate.

Video marketing has now become the key strategy of any business for promoting their product or service. Some of the most attractive and effective video content that the users always love are animated explainer videos. These videos can explain the product details, tell consumers the features of your product, tell people about the benefits of using your products, teach how to use them and much more in a very effective way. As these videos are highly engaging, the consumer is much more inclined towards buying your product or service.

Take the example of PerkinElmer. It is a Clinical Analytics group which uses animated videos to grow their business. It uses these videos on their landing pages, media outlets, social media, etc. and they are getting excellent results for the same.

Benefits of Using Animated Videos to Increase Conversion Rates:

Increase Conversion Rate Using Animated Videos

1. It Gives You More Time to Influence Your Lead

When you add an animated video on your sales page, the average visitor time increases. Animated videos catch the attention of the viewers and compel them to watch the video. This increases the ‘site on time’ for each visitor. As users watch the entire video, you get more time to influence the user and they are more likely to buy your product or service if they find your video helpful.

2. It Helps You Rank Your Website Higher:

What happens in terms of Search Engine Optimization when you add an animated video on your website or blog? The answer: it will help you to rank your website higher on Google. Google loves sites having videos on them. For example, if you have a blog in the health niche then, make a quality video on the topic like “How to Lose Weight”. Now add this video in your blog post having the same title. So, whenever a visitor visits your site, he or she is going to watch your video. And if they got value from your video or blog post, then they will share it. When Google realises that are finding value through your video, it will bring it up in ranking.

3. It Helps You Gain Subscribers as Well as Helps You in Growing Your Email List

At the end of the video, you can ask your viewers to subscribe to your e-mail list. You can also offer them a free e-book or another training video if they provide you with their email address. Thus, you can also grow your e-mail list with the help of the animated videos. You can use this list for email marketing. Therefore, you will get more sales and leads by using the power of videos, especially in the animated format.

Some tips for using animated videos for your marketing:

1. Use Relevant Characters:

Use of characters as that of your customers can connect with. You can even base your characters on the buyer persona that you create. Let us say your customers are college-going students. Then, make characters that these students will love. The relevant characters also help you to build the trust of your audience on your company or brand. This is a great tactic to increase conversion rate with animated videos.

2. Keep in Mind the Length of Your Video:

Make sure that your video is short. Ideally, animated videos of 60 to 90 seconds are used for marketing any product. If you are making a demo video of your software or some training videos, then, keep them long and in-depth.

3. Tell About the Benefits of Your Product:

The most exciting part of the animated videos is that they can effectively communicate your USP to your audience. They provide a great medium to tell your audience about why your product or service is different than others. Use them appropriately to convert audiences to buy from your company.

4. Deliver Value:

Your video must provide value instead of just selling your product. Delivering value to your audience is the best thing that you can do to run a profitable business. For instance, if you are selling software related to website SEO then, make animated videos on the topics like, “what is SEO”, “How to rank a website with SEO”, “how to create backlinks”, etc. After giving valuable information to your followers, you can pitch them your product. This is one of the best ways of growing your business and boost conversion rate. By giving value, you are gaining a real trust of your customers. A quality, unique and informative animated video will stand you apart from your competitors. So, whenever you promote any product to them, they buy it as they trust you. People buy from the businesses in which they believe.

5. Use Storytelling

Over the years, storytelling has emerged as the number one way of getting more sales. The storytelling strategy still works great in 2019. You can tell the story of your brand through an animated video. If you try to give the emotional touch to your story, people love watching it. Adding music and some humour inside your animated video also helps in getting more attention. Humour makes your animated video delightful while the music makes it positive.

6. Add Call to Action

Tell your audience clearly what you want from them. Add relevant CTA at the end of your videos and make sure that your viewers understand what is expected of them.

We have just discussed some ways which you can use to improve your conversion rate using animated videos. Now, is the perfect time to skyrocket your business with animated videos. So, what are you waiting for? Implement the above strategies and see positive results. If you have any examples of businesses which have used animated videos to boost their sales, let us know in the comments below. To learn how to design wonderfully animated videos, learn some Digital Designing. It will help you utilize the best design elements to create amazing videos that target your potential customers.

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