Guide to Style a Belt With Your Outfit

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Guide to Style a Belt With Your Outfit

Belts can be one of the best accessories to transform your look if you wear them with
various bottoms. With the availability of numerous clothing stores, you can buy mens
leather belts in Florida anytime. But how to style them?

Here is a detailed guide that outlines the tips to when you should wear a belt,
differences between dress and casual belts, choose the perfect size, and how to match
belts with your attire.

Lets dive in.

When Should You Wear a Belt?

Wear a belt when your pants have loops for them. If you tuck in your top or shirt, you
should wear a belt. Jackets with belts look great and enhance your overall appearance.
If you wear everything in the same color, you can put on a belt to break and add
contrast to the monochromatic look.

Differences Between Dress and Casual Belts

Dress belts are usually made of leather with a thinner strap cut from fine-grain leather.
Such belts have a square-shaped buckle with a glossy finish with stitching of a similar
color as the leather.

You can wear them on any formal occasion with suits and business pants. Get online
light blue shirt men and wear them with a black or brown belt to make a good
impression on the interview day or a small formal event.

Casual belts usually have a bigger buckle and broader strap width made from various
materials such as cotton, ripe, suede, leather, and full-grain. These belts are brushed
and polished metal and come with a thicker buckle than dress belts. As casual belts are
versatile, you can pair them with chinos, shorts, and jeans.

How to Choose the Right Belt Size?

Before wearing a belt, you need to ensure it is of the right size and fits your waist
perfectly. Consider your pant size and then go up one sizemens dress sleeve shirts sale when buying a belt mens dress shirts long sleeve. You get the right amount of strap left to the buckles left side after fastening it. Two spare holes leftover make you look proportionate and perfect.

How to Match Belts with Your Outfit

Make sure leathers and metals match your belt. The buckle needs to be the same metal
as your watch or jewelry. Ensure the belt strap matches the color of your shoes.

Mix and match your style sense. You can never go wrong with a black or brown belt.
Get online light blue shirt men, and wear it with a dark brown belt and stylish bottoms.

The Bottom Line

Belts are a wardrobe essential and add depth to your both casual and formal outfit. With
the perfect stylization of the right belt, you can look stylish all season.