Everything You Need to Know About Bridal Lingerie

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Ever since you were a little girl, you’ve been dreaming of what your wedding is going to look like. Now, that time is just around the corner and you’ve made all possible arrangements to bring your dream day to life. You’ve decided the venue, arranged the caterer, prepared the guest l

Everything You Need to Know About Bridal Lingerie

Enough said about the importance of bridal lingerie, the next step is to understand what to choose and how to choose. Well, for that, you need to consider three super important factors- your body type, the dress you’ll wear on your wedding, and of course, your personal preference.


  1. Bridal Bra:


Whether it’s about enhancing an outfit or giving your breasts the much needed support, a bra is a girl’s best friend in so many ways. Especially, if it’s about your wedding day, you want to be extra cautious when picking one. You want a bra that goes well underneath your outfit irrespective of how tricky it is. For instance, if you’re wearing a deep neck gown or lehenga, you should prefer wearing a plunge bra to avoid any bra peeks. Similarly, if you’re wearing something off the shoulder, you perhaps need something like a tube or strapless bra. They work decently enough to conceal nipples and enhance the shape of your breasts while avoiding any visibility.

 2. Panties:


As much as your bra is important, so is your panty. You need to pick a panty that is seamless and doesn’t bunch up, leaving behind visible panty lines. If you can’t find a seamless style, a good alternative could be a thong. It provides no rear coverage at the back, making it sexy and functional at the same time. You can pick the ones with pretty panels, striking designs and beautiful edges to raise the hotness quotient.


 3. Shapewear:


Gaining a kg or two at the last moment is definitely not something you plan. Or maybe you just want that perfectly flattering silhouette to further enhance your appearance. Well, whatever the reason is, a shapewear is just the right pick for the trick. There are numerous types of shapewear to target specific body parts. If you simply want to flatten the tummy, you can pick something like a tummy tucker. If you want to target your thighs and butt as well, you can pick a 4-in-1 body shaper and so on. Saree shapewear is another amazing option for ethnic outfits, like sarees and lehengas to get that mermaid shape.

 4. Babydolls:


Perfect for the honeymoon and those special nights! Short and sweet, fun and flirty, babydolls are all things combined in one. They feel utterly luxurious, making the perfect pick to spice things up. The exquisite lace, pretty powernet and fabric as smooth as satin makes you feel ultra sexy inside out. You can pick something in bold accents and deep necklines to keep it fancier and chic. Get a garter belt, just in case!

 5. Nightwear:


The last thing you want is to sleep in your uncomfortable clothes that itch or twitch you in places. Be sure to pick some comfort fit top & shorts and dresses to be comfortable all night long. If a little more coverage is what you’re looking for, nighties with robes or top & pajamas are a delightful way to keep up the comfort game. Pro tip is to avoid styles that include a lot of details for they won’t be as easy breezy and effortless. Choose from a wide range of colours and prints, from pastels to brights, and from florals to stripes.


So, what are you waiting for? Get some amazing lingerie for your bridal trousseau today!




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