Why KTronics AutoWhy KTronics Automatic water level controllers?matic water level controllers?

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When you refurbish your complex, the first facility that is made available is water. Water flows into the taps as overhead tanks are installed and an automatic water level controller in coimbatore is fitted to regulate the inflow and outflow of water. While it might seem like a redundant d

Why KTronics AutoWhy KTronics Automatic water level controllers?matic water level controllers?

When you refurbish your complex, the first facility that is made available is water. Water flows into the taps as overhead tanks are installed and an automatic water level controller in coimbatore is fitted to regulate the inflow and outflow of water. While it might seem like a redundant decision-making task, it is rather important that you choose a branded controller if you think your tank should be safe, and last long.

KTronics is a leading provider of automatic water level controllers  in chennai that come with some special features. Our devices are advanced and ensure the maximization of water during the day and monitored consumption at night. Besides, these electronics are free of deterioration and rusting. KTronics is a premier supplier of automatic water level controllers across the Indian sub-continent.

Our formula

KTronics brings the latest in smart technology based on wireless communication. With our products, you can discard old and obsolete technology and adopt intelligence that will provide you with more efficient water control.

Most of the systems are based on wired communication, where these are dependent on a timer that runs the motor every 30 minutes and simultaneously tries to check for the supply of water for about 5 minutes. Therefore, for at least 200 minutes in a day, the motor runs dry. In this case, the seal of the pump sustains sufficient damage and its efficiency is reduced while also expensive electricity is wasted.

Our sensors are so powerful that they detect water supply from about 50m away from the main pipeline. In fact, it never fails to detect the water supply.  Some of the main advantages of KTronics devices are:

  • Manual intervention is not required since the electronic controller operates automatically
  • Completely negate the possibility of tank overflows
  • Additionally, the tank does not dry out fully as well – because the sensors closely monitor water levels
  • Both high- and low-level alarms are well fitted into the unit
  • Our devices save both money and water
  • Like wired connections, you will not find any seepage of water across the walls and roofs


Features of KTronics Automatic Water Level Controllers

While controlling the functionality of the pump, our inventions assist in resolving water issues by closely monitoring and regulating the supply of water. In the agricultural field, the use of automated water level controllers to operate the submersible pump is extremely advantageous as water problems are a perpetual issue in cultivation, which is duly resolved by these electronic devices. KTronics automatic water level controllers in Thiruporur serve a range of purposes including industrial and domestic.

Our fully automatic electronic devices are more of an investment than an expenditure. These also come with the ability to monitor fluctuations in power when the motor is on and running. Continuous water supply is ensured even when it goes beneath the required levels.

Furthermore, the device detects an empty overhead tank and turns the motor off automatically as soon as the underground tank is empty. This way, it saves power and even ensures an uninterrupted 24/7 water supply.

Speciality of KTronics

KTronics brings advanced models of automatic water level controllers with a wide-spread technological spectrum and noise control facility. With a working distance range of at least 6000 meters, our controllers are specially designed for level indication. Moreover, these are extremely simple to install and operate. Operational functions and levels are displayed with the help of an easy LED light fitted on the front display. Loaded with the most advanced of microcontrollers that contain efficient algorithms, our devices minimize the need for power during operations and ensure precision in performance. Our electronics are assured of a long life due to the alternative current-based sensors created with SS316 for fully automated operations.

Facts about using Automatic Water Level Controllers

Most of you who are not closely associated with the industry may not know that if you end up choosing the wrong product you could actually be in danger. As per analysis, at least 70% of motor burn down cases are due to the installation of low-quality water level controllers. Cheap water level controllers are detrimental. Always look for KTronics quality. 

Choosing the right device

In order to get the right water level controller for your tanks, you must first understand the kind of motor you possess and its existing power consumption, with the help of a clamp. Each motor comes with different power consumption modules and operates under different conditions such as distance between the overhead tank water level controller, sump, and motor, or the pipe arrangement from the bottom to the top and finally, rotor friction, years of operation, and environmental endurance.

Besides, you should also check the Motor Load or specified power primarily because it might be using more power than is required. For instance, water level controllers can carry heavy power loads as they can run with the 1.0 HP motor. But the internal components are susceptible to damage because they are designed to operate at a particular request.

The quality of water matters too. Especially in India, water quality varies according to seasons. Even if the water seems fresh it might damage the sensor. This means the quality and clarity of water have to be evaluated and small impurities such as mud or dust have to be identified and eliminated. Once this is done, you can choose a sensor accordingly.

Hard water can destroy sensor functioning. When current is passed through it, the steel rod gets ridden with mineral deposits and the sensor loses its sensibility and stops working. Test water for hardness first and then insert the most durable KTronics sensor that has the ability to fight even hard water.

Most of the time, sensing techniques of water level controllers in Coimbatore are rather the same. But the devices tend to act differently according to their embedded algorithm. You must also ensure that you use DRY RUN Protected Water Level Controllers so that the motor does not run dry and burn. KTronics sensors are extremely sensitive to dry running and analyze the motor’s running time to stop the pump automatically if the motor runs more than required.

Speak to experts at KTronics for more information about automatic water level controllers.