mbbs colleges in ghaziabad

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Santosh University is a NAAC Accredited Institution based in NCR Delhi, University is dedicated to its triple mission of Quality Education, research and patients care


mbbs colleges in ghaziabad

Santosh University is a Best Private Medical College in NCR Delhi | Santosh University NAAC Accredited Institution based in NCR Delhi, University is dedicated to its triple mission of Quality Education, research and patients care

In 1995, the Santosh Medical/Dental Colleges and Hospitals came up as one of the top medical college  in NCR Delhi to study medicine in Ghaziabad. The university has been offering an MBBS course since 1996 with a total intake of around 50 students per year.

We are a premier 700+ bedded hospital in the heart of Ghaziabad. To provide quality care at subsidized rates to one and all is our motto. Our facility in Ghaziabad brings multi-specialty care within the reach of a vast region of population. Recognizing the need to bring advanced technology and clinical expertise together, we have taken steps to choose both with utmost care and have on board, outstanding clinicians with exemplary track record to lead and develop teams for excellence in practice, education and research.

Medical Courses                                                                               

Pursue a career in Medicine and Health Science

Pursuing a career in Medicine is a noble and challenging way to invest your intellect, skills, and passion in a demanding and rewarding profession. Admission to the 5.5 year(4.5 years academic education + 1 year mandatory internship) MBBS Course is done on the basis of NEET undergraduate exam.


Dental Courses                                                         

Pursue a career in Dental Sciences                  

Dentistry in recent times offers rewarding career opportunities. Students can pursue BDS to become a dentist where they will be taught about the denture, dental problems, and surgery. Admissions to the 5-year BDS course is done on the basis of NEET undergraduate exam.



Why Santosh?

Innovative Teaching, Learning and Evaluation Process at Santosh University

Santosh University emphasizes on innovative teaching methods and inter-disciplinary focus. Its teaching methodology includes:

  • Organ based teaching method

Apart from adopting innovative teaching methods, Santosh University has also developed an innovative curriculum. It uses a blend of classroom, practical and community engagement to promote holistic learning. The university emphasizes on the following features to promote holistic learning for the students:

    • Delivery of inter-disciplinary programs leveraging strengths across schools – for example, Forensic Odontology
      • Innovation – Stem Cell banking Research carried out by students in emerging areas like chord blood banking, cryopreservation of RBC and tissue engineering
      • Problem based learning
        • Learning based on expert guest lectures, workshops and conferences
          • Simulation labs for development of clinical skills (For example – cadaver simulation labs)
            • Field immersion programs (For example – School Health Programs for pediatricians)
              • Practice based learning (For example – child guidance clinic guided by pediatrician, psychiatrist, clinical psychologist and occupational therapist)

The use of latest technology is critical for efficient knowledge dissemination. Some instances of the use of technology in Santosh University’s education system are:

  • Digital library (e-Publication): Provides remote access to many journals and publications

Santosh University has developed a comprehensive evaluation system to ensure high academic standards. The comprehensive evaluation system includes:

    • Knowledge exchange dissemination using technology: Video-conferencing set-up to enable the delivery of NME-ICT programs
      • Clinical skill lab: Simulation center to enable the simulation of real-life clinical situations for trainee students
      • Formative Assessment
        • Summative Assessment
          • Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
            • Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE)
              • Evaluation by external experts for PhD programs

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