Common Mistakes To Avoid While Purchasing Women’s Helmet

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Looking to purchase a motorcycle helmet for girls? There are a couple of things that you need to know about purchasing the right helmet for females because the criteria for safety and comfort are completely different compared to males. Here are some common mistakes that you need avoid.

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Purchasing Women’s Helmet

In the market for a new women's helmet? There are a couple of things that you need to know about purchasing the right helmet for females because the criteria for safety and comfort are completely different compared to males, and if you get them wrong, your investment can go to waste or you may have to go back to the motorcycle accessory shop and ask for a replacement!  Let's help you avoid that problem altogether. 

Female head sizes are smaller than males 

The first order of business while buying a motorcycle helmet irrespective of the gender is to measure the head size of the person you are purchasing the helmet for. A small advice on the matter of female anatomy is that female skull sizes are usually smaller than that of males, and therefore just purchasing a helmet that says ‘XL’ or ‘M’ will not necessarily fit well on the female head. That is why you need to take a tailor’s tape and measure the circumference of the forehead properly and then match it with the manufacturer's size table to get the perfect fit. 

Not accommodating the hair 

Long hair is usually another thing that you need to take into account while purchasing a motorcycle helmet for girls. Boys do not usually have very long hair so it can be easily accommodated inside the helmet but in case of girls, it's a completely different scenario. While there are many ways to wear the hair in different ways so that it does not come in the way of a proper helmet fit, you must always take into account that the user will probably be wearing her hair in a manner which might affect how the helmet sits on the head. A general rule of thumb while purchasing a female helmet is to get one size larger than the actual size just to accommodate long hair.  

Breathability is a key concern 

The feeling of stuffiness inside the helmet is usually a common complaint among female motorcycle helmet users. If you have ever used the helmet before you might know the feeling we are talking about. In order to avoid that, make sure to purchase an open face helmet or a modular helmet which will let you lift the front fascia of the helmet allowing extra air flow. A common market trend among female two-wheeler users is that they prefer open face helmets over full face helmets simply because these allow for a better sense of openness and air-flow which keeps them comfortable compared to a closed full-face helmet. 

Heavy helmet on slender necks 

Another thing to take into account while purchasing your motorcycle helmet for females is that they have slender necks which means a bulky helmet will probably be very uncomfortable in the long run and might lead to cervical spondylosis or other bone-related health issues especially among laptop users who already keep their necks bent forward for the majority of the day. An additional load on that at the end of the day is the last thing anybody would want! So make sure to purchase a helmet that is lightweight yet sturdy in design. 

Ignoring ease of use 

Many people don't use a helmet even if they have a couple of options lying around in the house because they are not easy to use. Ease of use is something that most indian users are least bothered about but it is one of the most important things especially when it comes to life-saving accessories such as a motorcycle helmet. While purchasing a motorcycle helmet for females, always check that it has an easy-to-release strap mechanism and that the paddings and linings inside the helmet are soft and cushy as well. 

The looks of course! 

Last but not the least there is the matter of looks. A helmet is not just a life-saving accessory anymore, it has become a lifestyle accessory and therefore the need for it to look good and match the lifestyle choices of the user has become one of the primary deciding factors when people buy a new helmet today. You should not just get a helmet because somebody recommended it to you. Once purchased, you will have to use it day and night and so if you are not completely convinced that it matches your lifestyle make sure to take your time and find a helmet that is not only safe and comfortable but also looks good to your eyes! 

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