How a Proper Suspension Transforms Your Off-Roading Experience

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How a Proper Suspension Transforms Your Off-Roading Experience

The suspension system of a vehicle is part of how your vehicle performs on the road. The shocks or struts absorb the bumps in the road for a safe and comfortable ride. The tires are the only part of the system that touches the road. The suspension system works with the steering system to make the ride comfortable. The rest of the parts, the coil springs, joint bearings and shock absorbers are part of the vehicle’s frame. When you’re off-roading, your vehicle takes even more pounding than when you’re on the highway. Having a suspension system that absorbs more of the bumps and shocks of driving off-road can help you have a smoother and safer ride when you’re on an unpaved surface. A Pro Comp suspension can really transform your ride.

Clearance & Ride Comfort

The suspension system needs to handle all the bumps and rocks you’ll encounter off-road. You need your tires to maintain contact with the surface where you’re driving. At the same time, the suspension system needs to rebound quickly to soak up the bumps that you’ll hit. You want to increase the ground clearance of your ride, but keep in mind that larger tires can change your center of gravity. This can be dangerous and put more stress on the suspension system. Larger tires do help you feel less of the bumps, because they make obstacles smaller, but there are many other drawbacks. At the very least, make sure to choose an all-terrain tire, like these 37 inch all terrain tires. Of course, some of the fun off-road is the bumps and rocky terrain, but you still need to be safe with your suspension system.

Tuned Suspension For Optimal Performance

The suspension system of your ride takes a beating, whether you drive on or off road. To get the best performance for your ride, you want to have your system checked up and tuned regularly. A suspension tune-up improves how your ride handles when you’re using it. You can modify the springs, struts and shocks to make your ride do better on corners, when you accelerate and brake, and when you’re on an uneven surface. King shocks can handle the added pressure on your suspension system when you’re off-roading.

Signs That Indicate a Problem With Your Suspension System

If your vehicle bounces after you hit a bump in the road, you need repairs or a better suspension system. When you’re driving down the road, you may feel your ride pull to one side. When you brake, you may feel your vehicle take a nosedive if your suspension system isn’t doing its job. If you don’t get a smooth ride on the road, you should definitely check out the suspension system. Unfortunately, the same signs that indicate problems with suspension also indicate that you need new tires, so you may have to be a detective or ask your mechanic to help you decide the next step.

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