Here’s What Harms Automotive Paint and How Quality Car Wax Can Help

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It’s crucial to understand what eats paint off a car as a vehicle owner. Protecting your paint will not only keep your vehicle looking new but will also assist in appreciating its resale value with time if you ever decide to sell later for some funds.

Here’s What Harms Automotive Paint and How Quality Car Wax Can Help

Chips and dings from accidents and bad parking aren’t the only things that can scuff your paint. Any collision repair professional will tell you that there are a number of commonplace compounds that can erode your paint and cause damage.

What Removes the Paint off a Car?

There are numerous things, some of which might come as a surprise, that can harm a car’s paint, ranging from shoe polish to bird droppings. Substances that appear to be harmless, such as silly string, can leave a stain that is difficult to remove. So, what causes automotive paint to deteriorate? Continue reading to learn about some things to avoid if you want to preserve your car’s paint in good shape.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid that isn’t silicone-based can behave as a paint thinner, eroding the paint’s covering and causing peeling. Some brake fluids may not have this effect on your car because they are not created equal. When using brake fluid near your vehicle, though, it’s always a good idea to act with caution.

If you get brake fluid on your car’s paint, soak it off as soon as possible using a towel (without wiping the area, which can spread the fluid around). Clean the area with soap and a clean rag or sponge as quickly as possible, and then thoroughly rinse it.

Droppings from birds

At some point, every automobile owner has had bird droppings on their vehicle. It can’t be avoided! Aside from being an annoyance, droppings can also inflict irreversible damage due to their acidic nature. Droppings can harden with time and eat away at your paint when exposed to the sun.

It’s advisable to act quickly if you see bird droppings on your automobile before they dry. Gently clean the area with a moist and linen-free cloth and soap, rather than scrubbing, which might scratch your paint. Allow the cleanser to stay for a few minutes to dissolve the deposit before wiping it away if the dropping has hardened. Fortunately, quality car wax can apply a layer of protection over your paint to preserve it from any damage.


Insects are another prevalent cause of automotive paint damage. Insect bodily fluid, like bird droppings, can be highly acidic and ruin your paint. While insects are unlikely to harm the surface on the first touch, if kept on your car, they can cause damage over time.

If you discover insects on your car, remove them as soon as possible and wipe the surface. Allow a cleaning solution to stay for 30 seconds or so before gently wiping the area clean with a clean cloth. As previously stated, don’t scrape; instead, let the cleaner do its job and wipe away to avoid any more damage.

Tree Sap

Tree sap is another natural ingredient that can eat away at your car’s paint. Sap can eat away at the clear coat of your paint, causing stains and discoloration over time. This procedure can be hastened if it’s hot outside.

Although removing this sticky substance can be difficult, it is preferable to act sooner rather than later. Wet a washcloth with rubbing alcohol or a cleaning solution of your choosing and place it on top of the sap-covered region. Make sure to use quality car wax to enhance your car paint’s protection.


Keep an eye out for any gas seeping onto your paint when you’re filling up your tank. While the gas will eventually evaporate and no damage will be visible, it may leave stains that are difficult to remove.

Don’t panic if gas leaks onto your car when you’re filling it up; simply wash it or clean it with a little soft soap and water as soon as possible. Waxing your automobile at least twice a year can assist in protecting the finish of your paint, so you’re safe when things like this happen.

Make sure to use high quality and reliable car and boat oxidation cleaner to preserve the luster of your precious car and boat!

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