How To Fix Paramount Plus Is Not Working On Roku

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How To Fix Paramount Plus Is Not Working On Roku

Ways To Fix Paramount Plus Is Not Working On Roku

In case your Paramount Plus is not working on the Roku device. Then you only need to go through the information given ahead to fix your Roku device. After following the information which is given below, select your Roku device. 

Steps to fix the Roku device:

In case you’re looking forward to fix Paramount plus is not working. Follow the troubleshooting steps for Roku given below. After that, your query will be resolved in a short period. 

Restart your Roku device:

  • Select the option of settings. 

  • Now choose the button of System. 

  • You’ll come across the control of System Restart. 

  • You can even unplug the device from the primary power source. Now wait for some time, and then you can plug it back in. 

Press the main menu button on the Roku remote:

  • You need to scroll up or down in the menu and then choose the control of “Setting.” 

  • After that, select the option of System. 

  • Select the option of “System Update.” 

  • Once you have set the option mentioned above. Then you need to choose the button “System Update.” 

  • Once you have selected it, you’ll see the current software running. 

  • Now you need to check for the updates of the software manually. 

  • If you’re facing any issues, you can manually start the modem. 

  • Now you would need to relaunch the Paramount+ channel. 

  • Perform a simple test of network connection.

To perform a test of network connection. You need to choose the steps below: 

  • Select the option of “Settings.” 

  • Now select the option of “Network.” 

  • Now tap on the button “Check connection.” 

That is it after following the steps which are mentioned above. You’ll be easily able to get your Paramount plus work on the Roku device. 

Take the help of customer support:

You can even connect with customer support. For that, you can call upon the official number of the Roku. After that, choose the options for tech support. Soon, your call will be moved to a human.

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