Why Gas Ducted Heating Is The Correct Choice For Your Home?

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An appropriate heating system not only can make your living pleasant

Why Gas Ducted Heating Is The Correct Choice For Your Home?


An appropriate heating system not only can make your living pleasant, especially in the winter but also can make you productive and healthy. This is why the heating system or heating equipment market across the world is growing at an unimaginably higher rate of CAGR. As per a report, the heating equipment market worldwide in 2018 was $ 33. 56 billion and is steadily growing at an increased rate of 5.4% CAGR from 2019. 

There are numerous types of heating systems in the market but choosing a gas ducted heating system or GDH system is beyond debate a smart choice. A gas system heating system is highly energy-efficient, reliable, and can give instant heating more than any other heating system. Know why should you incorporate your home with a gas ducted heating system below.

GDS Systems Are Versatile And Can Fit Any Type Of Homes

GDH systems are versatile and come in a variety of options. It can fit any type of home irrespective of your house choices. This means it can perfectly fit no matter whether you are living in a modern apartment or in a Queenslander. The GDH systems come in two basic types (1) gas ducted heating system, and (2) ducted reverse cycle cooling system.

The system of gas ducted heating functions either by LPG or natural gas and consists of an external furnace. The furnace heats the air through a heat exchanger when the cool air passes through it. The air then is pumped to the rooms through ducts and outlets. You can instal the system at any convenient place of your home like on the roof, on an external wall or under the floor, etc. The system is compact and does not take much space on the wall and so you can install the system conveniently even if you live in a small house.

A Single GDH System Is Enough For Your Entire Home

The most important aspect of this system is you can instal just one of the Brivis ducted heaters GDH systems and your problem is solved for the entire house. However, you need to choose an appropriate system that suits your floor plan. The system further allows you to heat a specific room as per your choice or you can also set a different temperature for different rooms. So, the GDH system offers you the flexibility of carrying the heat wherever you go in your house. This is important not only for the sake of pleasure and comfort but for the below reasons.

  • The rooms that get maximum sunshine are warmer than the rooms that get less sunshine. So, the rooms that do not get enough sunshine are colder than the other rooms that get enough sunshine. Appropriate ducted heaters like Bonaire ducted heatersallow you to set a different temperature in different rooms based on the sunshine they get.
  • This feature of setting the different temperatures in different rooms is also essential, especially for health reasons. For example, if you have someone in your house who has asthma or similar other respiratory problems, then you can never impose the same temperature in his or her room. They may need increased heat which might be uncomfortable for others. So, ducted heating with a flexible temperature setting is most helpful especially if you have people with health problems.


Installing GDH Is Simple, Easier, And Quick

The installation of GDH including the Ducted reverse cycle heating is simple, easy, and quick. You can install this heating system in a day and it is ready for use the next day. This means you save a lot of your time and money that you can invest in other activities. Many household renovation activities including installations consume a lot of daunting efforts, a substantial amount of money to pay the technicians and other service providers, and take even days together to complete. On the other hand, this system does not require much of your precious time and money and gives you instant service with less effort. However, ensure the following things while installing a GDH system:

  • Make sure that the burner installed by the service provider is not less than 95% efficient. You can further compare the product with other quality burners like Braemar ducted heaters. The more qualitative and efficient is the burner, the better is the performance of the GDH system.
  • Similar to the burner, you need to examine the ducts. Remember, the wider the ducts the lower is the performance. Therefore, the ducts should be narrower to prevent the loss of heat.
  • Another component to ensure in a GDH is its heat exchanger. It should come with a simple design to avoid complications. Secondly, it should be designed in accordance with the requirement of the heat or temperature.

They Are Affordable Than Other Heating Systems

The GDH systems are energy efficient and far more affordable than other heating systems. The minimization of the cost of this system starts right from the installation of the system. You can save an average of $ 300 in the installation of this system in comparison to installing other systems. Another important thing is its benefits with the same cost of investment. You are going to get double benefits in terms of heat and cooling if you are installing a ducted reverse cycle cooling system. You are investing the same amount to instal the GDH but getting dual benefits.

Secondly and more importantly the maintenance and running cost of the GDH system is incredibly lower than other heating systems. However, you need to strictly follow the instruction of the manufacturer to reduce the maintenance and running cost of this system.


A gas ducted heating system can be no less than a blessing for you with its versatile features and advantages. But you need to remember and never fail to do certain things like periodical cleaning especially the ducts, periodical checking of the joints in the ducts, and periodical testing of the exchanger for the maximum performance of your gas ducted heating system. So, get the appropriate GDH system for your home and stay happy and healthy. 




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