Why rent a tent or marquee for your wedding?

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And when it comes to weddings, exchanging their vows under a beautiful marquee also called a reception tent, far from the unconfined spaces between four walls, is becoming very trendy.

Why rent a tent or marquee for your wedding?

However, this is not always an easy decision to make. Before opting for this solution, it will first be necessary to know the advantages and disadvantages. But in addition to that, you have to think about important criteria when choosing your marquee.

The most difficult question is whether it is better to rent your marquee or to buy it. There are several reasons why most people opt for the first solution: renting.

The practical aspect of tent rental

First we will talk about the benefits in general before talking about tent hire Auckland for wedding.

Unlike a room, the marquee is set up in an open space. This gives more mobility and more space to accommodate more guests. The latter will therefore be able to enjoy the fresh air and the sun in summer and the white decor in winter with the snow. So everyone can admire the landscape especially during the summer period.

Tents converge with country-themed weddings, especially if you plan to organize your small party in the countryside. Know that there are many models of marquees, the days of the simple white tent are long gone, now you will find reception tents with fabrics of different materials and colors and even transparent. Something to bring even more originality to your wedding and highlight your table decorations in your reception venue. You can also equip your tent with a floor if the ground or the grass on which you install it does not suit you too much. It also avoids getting your foot wet in case of muddy or wet ground. A marquee will also appeal to your smoking guests who will not need to go out or step aside to satisfy themselves. Short,

Rent a tent rather than buy one

In the case of renting, it is more a question of economy. It may therefore be that after the event, there is no longer a need for such a large tent. Indeed, because the marquees are becoming popular, it becomes difficult to rent unexpectedly, especially if you plan your event in the summer. There are all sizes. They will be able to recommend the idea marquee to you while offering a quote.

The advantages of a tent

A tent has various significant advantages for the organization of your events.

Easier to manage a crowd

If you choose to hold your event under a tent, you won't have to worry about running out of space. Indeed, the tents intended for events are spacious and have a large open space without any internal barrier. Also, their walls are not permanent. If they need to be raised or open to allow guests to overflow, it is entirely possible to do so.



Imagine that you are having a party with a particular theme and you want to achieve the type of decoration you have in mind. With a permanent structure whose layout and colors are pre-existing, you will surely have to make some compromises when it comes to decoration. However, if you opt for a tent, you can give free rein to your creativity and bring more cachet to the decoration.

Weather protection

The tents can be used in any season and in almost any environment. They are strong and sturdy structures built to withstand the elements. Hosting an outdoor event unprotected from the summer heat can lead to serious risks, such as:

  • headaches
  • nausea and vomiting
  • Heavy sweating...
  • Creation of a brand and a concept

If you are hosting corporate events or attending trade shows, it is beneficial if you have a tent for that event as well. You can therefore work on the brand image of your company. Renting a tent gives you the flexibility to customize it to your liking and this includes adding your company name, logo, colors etc. In this case, it becomes a billboard in its own right.

The different types of tents

You have various choices in terms of renting tents for your event

The pole tent

This is the most used type of tent. It has the advantages of being the most aesthetic and has no major reinforcement to cover or hide. Pole tents have a sloping "roof". The downside is that pole tents have a center pole for support that you will need to work around. You should also provide free space on all sides for proper anchoring. Moreover, these support poles can be easily hidden under fabric curtains.

The frame tent

This type of tent is supported by a frame of pipes in the ceiling. This can then be hidden by a superb fabric covering. Pole tents work great for private events with a small guest list, as they can be narrower than the average pole tent.

By choosing a tent that is more square than rectangular, you will give your event a more intimate character. Indeed, this allows you to bring all your guests together rather than “spreading” them in a rectangular tent. Nevertheless, it is up to you to choose the form that suits the type of event you are organizing.


Also, be aware that larger tents will have a higher ceiling, which means better air circulation. If you have no idea what type of tent to choose for your event, you can hire the services of a specialized company .

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