Most viewed non music video on YouTube

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Most viewed non music video on YouTube

Most viewed non music video on YouTube

Usually the top 10 Most viewed non music video on YouTube are music videos with billions of views each. So I thought why not make a list of the most viewed non-music videos and see what we get. And honestly, I didn't expect to see some of these videos.

1. Giant 6 feet. Water balloon - The Slow Mo Guys
I love every video from The Slow Mo Guys. Their channel is so addicting that you can't quit after watching just one video. I personally think this one is well deserved in the list with 175 million views.

2.Giant mutant spider dog (SA Wardega)
I find this one funny. Yes, at times it's pretty obvious that this is staged, but who doesn't like to see people fear a giant spider dog? It has a total of 175.8 million views.

3. Potter Puppet Pals - The Mysterious Ticking Sound
It's a little too eye-catching to pop out of your head right after watching. Of course, it's nothing special, but it still grossed 181.8 million views!

4. Ultimate Dog Tease - Talking Animals
I have to admit, I love this one! The voiceover cracks me up every time I watch this one. Who doesn't love dog videos, after all?
It has a total of 194 million views!

5. Talking about twin babies
My heart!
It's no surprise that babies and animals dominate the internet world. And if it's about twins, what else could be better?
This super adorable video has 198.5 million views!