Best Bidding Strategy to Seal the House Deal While Saving Money

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The blog suggests some tips for the home buyers to put the right bid and convince the seller while investing in the real estate.

Best Bidding Strategy to Seal the House Deal While Saving Money

Real estate is a competitive market where it is never easy to make the seller accept your offer. We often see a bidding war between the interested buyers that leads them to spend way more than their budget. Therefore, it is essential to put a bid that not only impress the seller but also remain well inside your budget.

Apart from the budget, there is a time constraint as well for the buyers. You may lose the house to some other offer if you are a little late. And there is no end to the tricks that brokers may use to make you spend more money.

Here, we have mentioned some tips for the buyers in the real estate market to avoid under or overbidding.

  1. Take the Risk

Sellers to fear the inspection because it may lead to some severe reduction in the price. You can avoid it to increase your chances exponentially. After all, the majority of the times the buyers miss the issues unless they hire a professional.

You may lose some money down the line on the repairs. Do not use the inspection card unless you suspect some damage not visible over a glance. You can offer them an early close date if you have the preapproval from genuine and hones private lender in the UK.

  1. Communicate with the Seller

A letter to the seller with an offer might help your case. You can use it for some personal communication with a family photo in it. Every marketing genius uses emotions to sell their product. You can use it too.

The letter should touch their heart with a loving and polite language. It is for the sellers with sentiments attached to the house. They might consider a family with the top bid willing to take care of the house in the same manner.

  1. Read the Seller

Price is not always the factor that might convince the seller. You can use the same bid as the other party but get away with the house with some favourable terms. These are the terms some sellers prefer more than the total price of the deal.

You can ask the seller for their requirement from the deal. They may ask you to close the deal early for which you need to prepare the finances. You can also offer to pay some expense or fees such as title insurance to increase your chances.

  1. Start with the Best Offer

You must start with the best offer if the property attracts too many bids. There is no time to change the finest details about the offer regularly. If you are willing to make some adjustments, put them in the offer from the beginning.

Make sure these adjustments make the offer sound more appealing with some less contingency or early closure. There are two different kinds of owners in the market, investors and families. In investors' case, there is a good possibility they might lend a better offer than the asking price.

  1. Ask for Preapproval

Many lenders use the term prequalified and preapproved interchangeable to lure the borrowers. However, their meanings and value in the market are entirely different. The sellers give importance to profiles with preapproved next to their name.

You need to submit and verify the documents to the lenders to get a preapproval. The lender will then assess your financial condition and offer a mortgage amount based on affordability. Remember, you don’t have to use the full amount as the repayment may get overwhelming.

  1. Increase Down Payment

You need to put more down payment than the demand of seller to make your bid stand out. Your down payment shows reliability to the seller, and they will shortlist you as serious buyers. It should always remain double-digit, at least 10% or 20% based on your financial condition.

The same is right to get a mortgage at favourable interest rates and terms. Mortgage providers will trust you with the money if you have more money for the down payment. It will also increase the equity over the house that will help in the long run.

  1. Make Offer without Support

Almost every offer on the house is backed by some lender that may or may not approve the later stage of the mortgage application. The underwriters have the final say even after a preapproval. Therefore, if you have the financial backup, offer the payment in cash to the seller.

You will find the application getting shortlisted even with a slightly less offer than the highest bidder. There is no risk of application rejection from the lenders. You will be the safest option among the long list of interested buyers.

  1. Do Not Bid Without a Counteroffer

It is quite evident that people never bid against their own offer. But there are times when the broker or other buyers make you increase the offer without any actual counteroffer. You don't have to bid if someone says they are interested in the property.

The simple solution here is to ask the seller of the latest offer. Your agent needs to confirm the offer with proof. The other broker or seller might put a fake offer to make you put more money in the bid.

  1. Know When to Stop

Your limited income may not afford the instalments of the entire preapproved amount. Therefore, you must have a maximum limit to stop the bidding war. Apart from the house value, there are plenty of more expenses waiting before moving into the new house.


To sum up, you should have a clear strategy in place if you want to win the bidding war at the right price. It is okay to quit instead of being house poor for the rest of your life. You may find the ideal home in some other neighbourhood within your budget.

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