How to Watch the Fate Series A Guide to Navigating the Rocky Waters of Adaptation

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How to Watch the Fate Series A Guide to Navigating the Rocky Waters of Adaptation

The Fate series is no longer a secret property. It was launched in 2003 as an erotic video novel under the name Fate/stay-night, the captivating idea behind the TYPE-MOON's world and characters has gone on to inform countless sequels, adaptations, and spinoffs. Particularly, the mobile version of Fate/Grand Order has seen a surge in popularity, with the English version regularly topping the app store charts and earning record profits.

The Fate series has a bad reputation for not being accessible. The popular discussion surrounding the series is often focused on the variety of components it contains, along with its tangled lore: What the hell does 'stay night what does it mean? Therefore, knowing where to start and which order to go through the Fate anime in it can be a challenge to comprehend.

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 Although this guide provides three ways to view the Fate anime It doesn't claim to be objective. It offers three different ways to view the series depending on the availability and production of the series. It speaks to both new and veteran Fate fans.


The Problem With the Fate Series in Anime

The main issue with the Fate series is the fact that the original graphic novel, Fate/stay night isn't legal in the west.

 The fact that no one has yet signed up for the licence, considering the rapid growth of the series in the last few years, is incredible. There are other smaller series that get released frequently. We don't have all the information (lack or availability of a distributor) But, there are numerous patches that aren't official in the series' extremely useful subreddit.

 One of the most troubling aspects is that all of Fate/stay night's subsequent adaptations are lacking in some manner or other. In these cases it's more sensible to go through the source content before attempting adaptations. But, that's not the situation with Fate. Instead, we're forced to navigate the dangerous waters of adaptation.

 For those who aren't familiar about the Fate series, here is a quick explanation The plot is as follows: Seven Masters and seven servants battle each other in Fuyuki City to win the Holy Grail, a magical artifact that gives the winner the ability to make any wish. The Servants, by the way, are figures from real-life history and mythology which means that this is an historical-themed battle royale cute celebrities.

Sound good? You're in for a treat.

Route 1: The Purist

  • 1. Stay night/Fate (2006)

  • 2. Fate/stay-night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014) and 2nd Season (2015)

  • 3. Stay night/Fate [Heaven's Feel] I. prelude flower (2017) II. lost butterfly (2019), III. spring song (2020)

  • 4. 2.

For those who are a purist I believe that the Fate series has to be experienced in this manner. Whyis that? It's not only chronological, but it is also an exact mirror of the original story. This is vital because of the triangular nature of the story.

Similar to most visual novels, Fate/stay-night is made up of three different 'routes' three routes: the Fate route, Unlimited Blade Works, and Heaven's Feel. These three routes, like many visual novels, focus on three female characters distinct: Fate, Unlimited Blade Works on Rin and Heaven's Feel On Sakura.

Studio DEEN's 2006 adaptation of the graphic novel of the same title is the only show listed on this list that attempt to adapt the Fate route. But it isn't a simple task as it incorporates elements from both Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven's Feel, meaning that things seem to be a little muddled. It is both an imperfect adaptation of The First Arc and a fantastic way to spoil what comes after, despite its dated images.

This is a shame since, if your march directly into Studio Ufotable's 2014-2015 adaptations of Unlimited Blade Works, then you will arguably miss out the discovery and growth of one of the most loved characters. There is a reason why Saber appears in almost every subsequent installment of the Fate series, leading to the title 'Saberface'. Saber is a great character, and everyone, including the producers and fans are aware of it. Since Unlimited Blade Works focuses on Rin, you won't find Saber's progress in this article.

Unlimited Blade Works, in my personal opinion, is my favorite series of routes in terms of concept and execution. However it also works better when combined with the three other routes. This brings me to the third part: each one of Fate/stay night's three main routes is a springboard to the other in the sense that Fate being the 'introductory' story, and Unlimited Blade Works being the "backside" of that. Heaven's Feel is an entire inversion of the structure, which means it is probably the worst starting point.

The Fate series doesn't work as well in anime without a competent Fate path adaptation. This is why the guide was designed with these problems in mind. The next chapter will examine the reason why Fate/Zero was put in the middle.


Route Two: The New Age

  • 1. Fate/Zero (2011) and 2nd Season (2012)

  • 2. Stay/Fate: Unlimited blade works (2014) and 2nd season (2015)

  • 3. Fate/stay-Night (Heaven's Feel) I. presage Flower (2017) I. lost butterfly (2019) I. lost butterfly (2019), III. spring song (2020)

The most controversial aspect of Purist's perspective on watching the Fate series is the decision to put Fate/Zero at the conclusion and Fate/stay at the beginning. The trend is to begin with Zero and ignore the entire night. This strategy has its advantages, however, it does pose a few issues.

While Fate/stay night does admittedly look and sound very old-fashioned these days, it delivers important information on Saber's character Saber that is missing from the other versions. It has been said.

In stark contrast, Zero was praised as one of the top-quality animations ever when it first came on air. This is still my opinion. While ufotable's production techniques specifically with regard to the use of 3D and 4D, have certainly advanced since then, it's tough to argue that Zero isn't a solid-looking show: even now, such scenes as Saber unleashing Excalibur at the close of season one gives me goosebumps.

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However, Zero is not the best to start watching the Fate series. The reason? The reason is simple: the original light novel by Gen Urobuchi, which the series is based on was written many years after the original visual novels were first released. This knowledge encompasses the Holy Grail War and the magic system. But, those who haven't watched the series before will not be able to recognize the connections between the two stories.

Fate/Zero is a powerful tool that fills in gaps left by the Fate/stay-night visual novel. This includes how it explains the reason why the Fourth Holy Grail war was 'unfinished', and how Gilgamesh was somehow able remain in the midst of. But the joy of figuring out these answers only works if you're aware that there are questions in the first place! The placement of Heaven's Feel at the end was already described in the previous section.


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