Xtreme Ads Reviews 2022 — ⚠️SCAM EXPOSED⚠️

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Simple Local Profits Review – Software created by Jeff Herschy

Xtreme Ads Reviews 2022 — ⚠️SCAM EXPOSED⚠️


CreatorJeff Herschy
ProductSimple Local Profits
Launch Date2022-Mar-22
Launch Time12:00 EDT
Official websiteCLICK HERE
Front-End Price$37 One-time
BonusYes, Huge Bonus
SkillAll Level
Guarantee30-day money-back guarantee
SupportЕffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе


Simple Local Profits allows you to quickly understand and implement the Three Pillars Of Success, so you copy and paste your way to recurring revenue clients.

Simple Local Profits system helps you in generating hot leads for your agency, the secret sauce to closing high-quality deals fast, and the way to fulfill & send a surge of calls to any client.

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They will give you a step-by-step, 100% transparent start-to-finish system guide which will include recent proof & over-the-shoulder training, for your list to easily generate leads & close 4-figure deals in just days after going through the training and done for you materials.

So even if you have got no list, zero traffic, and no previous experience, Then also the local profits will generate highly targeted qualified leads.

It’s a system that is been proven for years and was started from scratch again just weeks prior to this release to give everybody on your list the understanding of how easy it can be for them to copy & paste the process for themselves showing our day to day results.

After Teaching and Coaching Over 10,000 Digital Entrepreneurs, wanna know The #1 Thing Most Agencies Struggle With? And to be honest, this may reason may shock you, because there’s ONE huge reason why so many fail. They Simply Don’t Know Where To Start. It’s sad to know that most agencies fail is because they are unsure of themselves and don’t know what to say to start a conversation. They get caught in a belief they need to say the right thing, or don’t know how to find business owners eager to give them a chance.

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The three pillars of success. With these three powerful pillars of success, You’ll simply copy and paste their proven model to build your own highly profitable lifestyle agency.

  • Pillar of success #1: Targeted outreach – No offer can be made until you clearly identify and contact your qualified leads
  • Pillar of success #2: A high value offer – convert your leads fast with an easy to understand proven results offer
  • Pillar of success #3: ​Quick roi and results – lock in and keep clients happily paying you on a monthly basis

With Simple Local Profits, you’re adding a revenue source that creates stability in your agency and locks in clients for months or years. And because you are directly tied to their revenue it opens the door to higher end upsells.


  • Here’s everything you’re getting inside the simple local profits package…
  • Module 1: Overview of the process. The big picture overview and why’s proven lead funnel that’s easy to copy. The perfect foot in the door offer. Over shoulder demo and proof it works.
  • Module 2: Setting yourself up for success. Proven lead generation roadmap. Keeping under the radar. Balancing content vs conversions. Keys to identifying high quality prospects. Over the shoulder prospecting demos
  • Module 3: Easy bake outreach. Battle tested outreach strategy. How to get a positive response. proven outreach scripting you can use. Over shoulder outreach / best practices
  • Module 4: Closing deals like a boss. Proven lead qualification scripts they use. Top secret lead conversion tricks. Step by step offer walk-through guide. Pitfalls and mistakes to avoid
  • Module 5: Follow ups and fulfillment. Risk reversal and proof of concept techniques. Over the shoulder step by step guidance. How to leverage their two call close process. Detailed walk-through of onboarding accounts
  • Module 6: Fast action bonus trainings. Providing high value / low effort services. Their irresistible “big blue” hook. Marketing kit setup and upsell offers. The instant results m.e.r.p. strategy




All you have to pay is $37 for today, waiving the monthly fee and giving you access to Simple Local Profits at a huge discount when you take action now. The catch here is it cannot afford to offer Simple Local Profits at this ridiculously low price for much longer.

You will learn how to make money online by quickly leveraging what the vendors have already designed and built using the proven strategies that fuel their digital agencies to five-figure a month revenue streams.

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In addition to providing you with world-class support, the price will be raised every few hours.

And if it’s disappeared already, unfortunately, you are too late and there’s nothing I can do for you. But if you are still seeing it, I suggest you grab it now before you miss out for good.

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Take a look at some options to pick up for your business:

OTO1: Lead Generation and Fulfillment Video Pack ($77/$47)

OTO2: List Building Software ($97)

OTO3: Agency Fast Start Training

   +   Plus Event – SLP ($297)

   +   No Event – SLP ($77)


  • Simple Local Profits is 100% proven business model with a 2 years track history
  • Easy to understand offer that provides leads quickly
  • Simple outreach strategy to fill and refresh prospects
  • No more embarrassingly chasing the “next big thing”
  • Simple to follow video trainings to learn quickly
  • Ability to tee up additional revenue booting offers
  • Zero cost lead generation for your own agency
  • With Simple Local Profits, never worry about next month’s revenue again!


Will this work if I am a brand new agency/beginner and have no clients?
Yes! In fact you may be at an advantage because you lack distractions and can follow our paint by numbers system to a tee. All of our trainings assume you are just starting out and we make them easy to follow.

Does this work in my country?
Absolutely! We have and teach students in dozens of countries. While we are both currently in the United States, I just moved to Cabo San Lucas and am taking my book of business with me. All you need is an internet connection. Plus our methods and trainings are not limited to US only locations. It can work anywhere.

Do I have to meet people in person or talk to someone to close deals?
You’re Safe! If you don’t like meetings or sales presentations, or perhaps to meet people in person, don’t worry. We got you! You can find, contact, and close deals without meeting someone. While we have ways to leverage a zoom or meeting to improve your close rates, they are not required to make this work.

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Will I need to spend money to get clients?
No not at all. To get started you DO NOT need to spend a dime on advertising. We have a slick method to identify and reach out to your first few clients that will not require any out of pocket costs.

Will I need to hire a VA or staff to make this work?
This can all be done with just one person, YOU! However in our agencies do have staff and replaced ourselves out of the businesses we own, so if you do choose to build a team ( when it is time) we have the experience to help make that transition.

What types of businesses will I be targeting?
There’s a specific set of business groups that we will recommend in the course. You are not forced to serve only those, our process will work for MOST businesses, we just know who they are working well with for us at the moment.

How can get access to the members area and bonus calls?
Once your purchase is completed the software will kick out a username and password and ensure you have access to the members area. If you run into any issue simple email my support team at Support [@] JeffHerschy.com You’ll be able to access the main course immediately and anytime you want, from any internet-enabled device. Plus you will be invited to any bonus or advanced calls you qualified for, based on your purchase.

If this is so powerful then why sell it on W+ for such a deal?
As a former instructor pilot I am aiming to help the most passionate digital agencies get a head start. And as a veteran owned company we like to give back, and by doing so can introduce you to the opportunity for you to succeed as a new agency.

To do that we need to tap into a market that has that type of reach. If you look below you will see that we sell mid and high ticket products all year round, and marketing this product introduces you to us so we can build our relationship through joint success.


Thank you for taking the time to read Simple Local Profits review at tony – review. I hope you have found the information relevant and helpful to make your final purchasing choice.

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