How to Fill the Heart with Utmost Confidence?

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The inner confidence does come from inside and it is you who can bring it out. If you want to know more, then read this blog.

How to Fill the Heart with Utmost Confidence?

How many times you have experienced a kind of fear sensation before dealing with a situation. Like, the fear you feel before you introduce in front of a group of ten people while giving a presentation, in an interview, before talking to a special person or minutes ago from going on the stage.

Our heartbeats increases, we tend to feel palpitation, and we become more inclined towards fear. We would not be able to handle that situation. Our mind fills with anxiety and not even introduces ourselves and then show regression at the situation.

Problems with Less powerful

The main reason for fear, anxiety, and regret is our lack of confidence and feeling less powered. When we feel less powerful before some special people, our feelings rise with anxiety so that no word of us make them feel offended.

When we feel less powerful, we tend to make more mistakes and not make anything correct due to feeling more impulsive. Thus, before handling a situation, we need to feel more powerful as only with this we can exchange fear with composure, confidence, and satisfaction.

How to calculate and multiply your confidence?

Expanding yourself

When an athlete wins a game, his body reaction will possess a V- shape that means universal Victory Pose. Why universal- this pose is posed by every human disregarding a country, region or religion. The athletes, who are blind, also pose in this V-shape.

This common Victory sign pose is a science. When we feel confident or powerful, our body relatively expands, and we take more space. On the other hand, when a person feels depressed, anxiety or feels powerless, his body shape recoils itself and occupies less space.

This thing cannot only be seen in humans but also animals. When an animal shows power, it straightens its body and stands on its feet and shows its boldness and power. Whereas the animals that feel weak recoil their body size.

This thing not only limited to their body language but also in their speech. Mostly, the people who feel low confidence and less powerful speak in haste. They think that by speaking slowly, they are wasting the time of others. Sometimes, the speed of speech is enough fast that it could not be understood.

Whereas confident and powerful people talk at a slow pace and take time, they expand the time and do not hesitate to pause in their speech. Our brain is connected with our body that communicates with it subconsciously to tell how to behave differently.

In simple words, if you feel less powerful and under-confident and perform high power pose for two minutes, these things make you feel confident and powerful.

You will feel confident and powerful with the superman pose, victory pose, resting your hands on your head at the back etc. and doing these things can make you feel more powerful within 2 minutes.

Experiment for 2 minutes

Two groups are made, one group was asked to keep with high power pose for two minutes, and the other group was asked to keep with a low power pose. High power pose means taking more space, and a low power pose means taking less space. 

Then a blood test was conducted to find the people having an increase and decrease in testosterone level. The group with high power pose had increased the testosterone level by 20%, and their cortisol level had decreased to 25%.

The group with low power pose had counted less testosterone level by 10%, and their cortisol level was increased to 17%.

Testosterone is a dominance hormone that increases assertiveness, confidence and power, whereas Cortisol is linked with stress and fear. This is why testosterone must be higher in levels.

The supreme way to deal with stress

Mostly, people do make a mistake before facing a stressful situation, they have fear, and they tend to press this fear with the deliberate arousal of calmness. The people around ask them to keep calm and not feeling stress, which must not be done.

This must be stopped by converting the negative energy into positive. Rather, you calm yourself and speak in the direction of negative stress by feeling excited and having fun.

Car- a source of bringing confidence outside

However, you can add one more physical attribute in the form of owning your car. A person with his car feels more confident inside, and a new kind of feeling of having a huge possession fills his heart with ecstasy.

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The rightful conclusion

Apply high power pose for two minutes but alone; otherwise, you will be looking weird and then go to face the situation. This simple trick cannot only retard the stressful impact but fill you with utmost confidence.

Nora Brown

Living in Ireland