A service for Safe and Drinkable water Supply

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A service for Safe and Drinkable water Supply

Water is an essential resource, and private water supply treatment guaranteeing a clean and safe water supply. Billions of people worldwide continue to face daily problems in accessing the most basic services. Its purpose is to eliminate and/or reduce water pollution or unwanted properties.

The purpose of this process is to obtain water with properties suitable for its intended use. For this reason, the water treatment process depends on the initial properties of the water and its end-use.

Due to the shortage of drinking water and the growing world population, water treatment is needed again. Freshwater accounts for only 2.5% of the total water on earth, of which only 0.4% is suitable for human consumption.

Regulated water companies do not provide private water. If you are the owner or manager of a private water supply, it is your responsibility to ensure that drinking, cooking, and cleaning are safe. One way to do this is to install and maintain a suitable water treatment system to treat water quality consistently. The water treatment system requires regular maintenance. It is recommended that they follow the manufacturer's instructions. It is recommended that they keep spare equipment that needs to be replaced regularly, such as light bulbs and UV filters. The valve should always be replaced according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Water supplies not provided by the water company are considered private water supplies. If you don't receive water charges from your company, you probably have private water.

The quality of Private water supply treatment varies. Some are very good, well treated and well managed, but there is no doubt that there are health risks due to water quality. Outbreaks of illness are occurring in Scotland due to private water supply. When owning or using a private supply, it is essential to understand the supply's quality and the risks associated with it.

Sources are wells, wells, natural hot springs, streams, rivers, lakes, or ponds. Water analysis, application details, and pipe size and flow rates are required to provide guaranteed results.

Often, the treatment you need includes:

  • Reduction of turbidity: deposits, sand, etc.
  • Removal of colour and organic matter
  • Bacteria, viruses: Escherichia coli, coliform bacteria, etc.
  • Reoxygenation: For removal of carbon dioxide (CO²) and hydrogen sulfide (H²SO³)
  • PH correction
  • Decreased hardness: Usually when water comes from calcareous areas.
  • Reduction of iron and manganese
  • Nitrate reduction: typical in heavily agricultural areas

Conclusion: Private water supply treatment involves removing impurities such as sand, suspended solids, dissolved salts, ions and hardness from natural waters for industrial and domestic use. Due to severe pollution and specific water quality requirements for industry, water from various sources must be treated for later use.