How Can I Support Our Troops? 5 Ways to Help

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According to data from the Department of Defense, last year, there was a total of 1.195 million active-duty military and 778,000 reserve forces.

How Can I Support Our Troops? 5 Ways to Help

According to data from the Department of Defense, last year, there was a total of 1.195 million active-duty military and 778,000 reserve forces. Our nation's military protects us and stands bravely on the front lines, and they appreciate knowing we're thinking of them.

If you want to support our troops and help deployed soldiers, there is a lot you can do as an American citizen. Here are five simple and effective ways to help our troops and military families.

1. Send Care Packages

Sending care packages is an exciting and tangible way to show your support. You're letting our troops know that you're thinking of them, wherever they happen to be.

Programs like Soldier's Angels make donating to our troops easy. You can donate snacks, computers, hygiene items, new books, blankets, and more.

2. Show Your Patriotism

Simply showing your support for our country and our troops can go a long way. Fly a flag in your yard to show your respect. Just make sure that you learn proper flag etiquette.

You can also show your support by wearing patriotic custom patches. You can make custom patches at

Support companies that donate a portion of their sales to our troops or veteran causes. There are many businesses that offer initiatives and support veterans, whether it's through career development, rehabilitation programs, or other ways.

3. Donate to the USO

The USO helps keep our troops connected to their homes, families, and country. They've been our nation's leading organization serving our military and their families since 1941.

You can make contributions and donations to the USO to show you support our troops. Supporting military charities is one of the best ways to help. There are more than 250 USO locations across the world.

Additional ways to help include gifting phone calls home or helping connect USO centers with technology.

If you're not financially able to donate, you can also support the USO and our troops by sending messages.

4. Volunteer

Did you know you can volunteer with the USO and other military organizations to show your support? Many locations need volunteers to help with programs or events.

Look for ways to volunteer in your area and see how you can spend your time helping our military.

5. Say Thank You

Lastly, one of the easiest ways to show your support for our military and military veterans is to say thank you.

Thanking them for their service means a lot since you're showing your appreciation for all they do. You're acknowledging the challenges they have to face.

Thanking our military for their service shows that the work they do matters.

Support Our Troops

These five tips are only a few suggestions. There is still a lot you can do as an American citizen to help out.

If you're ready to show that you support our troops, start with these five simple yet effective ways. Whether you show your appreciation through monetary donations, care packages, or by volunteering your time, these efforts go a long way. Our troops will appreciate your support.

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