How can I get my money back from Air India?

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1 (888) 634-1407 or 1-805-209-1812 to get your money back from Air India or follow How can I get my money back from Air India?

How can I get my money back from Air India?

You can request money back from Air India when you cancel the flight. Besides, you can also get your money back if the airline cancels the flight. You can present the ticket to or electronic ticket reference number to the local air India office in both cases. 

However, if you book your flight online via the official website, you can process the refund online via the Manage my trip section. However, in case you are concerned about how to get my money back from Air India, it is a simple process. You can follow the information explained below to know better in this regard.

Follow the procedure below to get money back from Air India.

  • To get your money back online, first, go to the official website of Air India.

  • You can go to the section 'manage your trip' from there click on manage booking.

  • Now it's time to retrieve your booking; you can do it by entering the confirmation, last name.

  • From the booking dashboard, select the ticket you want to cancel and get a refund.

  • You can then follow the instructions to complete the cancellation process

  • Once you cancel the flight, the airline initiate yous refund automatically if applicable

  • It takes 7-20 working days to get the refund

Get a refund by calling customer service.

You can also call the Air India customer support team and request the Air India agent to process your refund. You can connect the airline on its customer service number available online.

At the airport

You can also meet in person at the airport, and there you can request the cancellation of your flight. After the flight is cancelled, your refund will be processed.

You can use the options above to get your refund anytime. Moreover, if you wonder, how can I get my money back from Air India? You can speak to the travel agent directly if you book the flight via a travel agency. Besides, speak to the customer support team of Air India if you need any additional information.

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