How To Handle A Rejection After An Interview

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Life is all about failure and success.

How To Handle A Rejection After An Interview


Rejection no matter where it is coming from or who is doing it is like a punch to the face. For each job offer you receive from an employer, you are likely to receive several rejection notices from other employers. Nonetheless, it can sting! 

It shows you what you are made of. It shines a light on the things in your life that you need to let go off. It empties you out and leaves you with your true essence. It sets revelations in motion. 

 You are as skilled as anybody else but not in terms of qualifications. Be prepared to compete with many talented and experienced people. You should be confident enough to adjust your expectations and modify your skills as necessary. 

Move out of your comfort zone and improve to be a better fit. Revise yourself to achieve greater commercial value. Accept necessary steps on the way to a better tomorrow. 

Following are some of the ways to deal with it: 

  • Follow up with your other job applications. If not selected for a position, ask the employer for a feedback about how you can make yourself a stronger candidate.
  • Try to analyze your job search efforts. Try to adjust your approach, revise your material or try new strategies.
  • Use career center resources such as Ambition Box to enhance your resume, cover letter and interviewing skills. 
  • Use positive self-talk and find a mantra that gives you strength. 
  • Make sure you take healthy diet, talk to your friends and family and engage in enjoyable activities that build your confidence.
  • If you are tired of the process, take a break and come back with more. Life does not get easier, you get stronger. 

So here is how you should think of your rejection. Not as denials but gentle nudges and pushes in the right direction that changes your course in the right direction. You will learn that it will almost always turn out OK. After all, there’s an old saying "Like everything, this too shall pass.....






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