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Are you looking for the best Life Coach Certification & Courses in India?


Life Coach training in India has picked up in the last decade. Becoming a Certificate in coaching India  is an exciting journey for those looking to seek a profession that is highly satisfying as a career goal. Are you looking for life coach training in India? Are you looking to understand what the best life courses have to offer? Are you constantly thinking, “How to become a life coach in India?” Well, you’re at the right place! This blog unravels all the questions around life coach courses and things you need to know to begin your career in this industry.

What is Life Coaching? 

Before you begin life coach training, let’s understand what life coaching is all about. A life coach is one who acts as a guide to partner with clients to discover their highest potential. A life coach is the change catalyst who works with the client in identifying goals, improving focus, developing clarity, and working on strategies

A life coach helps one to align focus on what one can do rather than what one cannot do. Being a life coach in India is rewarding - you can choose to work in different areas which are your passion. A Life Coach helps a client build on their existing skills while working on flexibility to add new ones as well. The process of every life coach varies to work with clients to inspire, empower, and transform every individual. Life coaches may work with individuals as well as large teams (for corporates) depending upon the purpose as set by the client. 

A Life Coach is driven by creating certain outcomes in individuals thus leading a transformational process. 

Credentials required to become a Life Coach

A certified Life Coach has to go through appropriate training to be the best in the industry. If you’re looking to be a Life Coach in India, you need to join a life coaching centre that offers courses accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF) or the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). Life Coaching centres such as Matrrix offer Life Coach training courses in India and abroad which are accredited with the ICF and EMCC

Dr. Paras (Founder, Matrrix) offers aspiring coaches the following services:

  • Training for ICF - ACC/PCC/MCC credentials
  • Training for EMCC - Practitioner, Senior Practitioner, Master Practitioner
  • ICF Mentoring Programs - 10 hours (Suitable for learnings looking for ICF mentoring hours)
  • Coach Supervision (Dr. Paras is certified as an ESIA - Coach Supervisor)

A certified Life Coach works with the client to focus in the present moment and form goals for the future

This propels the career of a Life Coach by putting him/her in the spotlight as they are equipped with skills by learning from the best in the industry. A certified Life Coach needs to log up to 2500 hours of coaching practice for life coaching certification. The number of hours is dependent upon the type of life coaching certification chosen. He/she needs to go through levels of certification that include a training practice, examinations, and client practice hours. 

Professionals also need to work on adding qualities and developing traits such as excellent communication, people skills, tact, observation, goal-setting, accountability, and more. When the Life Coach certification is accredited with the best in the industry, you can be assured to begin your career with greater confidence and sharper skills.

Why should one choose a Life Coach course accredited by ICF or EMCC? 

Both are highly reputed coaching bodies that set the best practices of coaching and mentoring on a global level. Life coach certifications accredited with these coaching bodies are respected the world over opening the doors for many opportunities for an aspiring professional.