How To Delete Hotmail Account from outlook

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Read on to find out how to delete your Hotmail, Outlook or MSN account.

How To Delete Hotmail Account from outlook

I understand you've come to this page looking for instructions on how to delete a Hotmail account, but before jumping right in, please note the following:

Unless you download the email and then back it up, deleting your Hotmail account will delete hotmail account all stored messages and contact information from the web server.
Your Hotmail email address will no longer exist, which means messages sent to you will be returned to the sender.
Instead of deleting the account, I suggest you change the Hotmail email address. This involves creating a new email account to which messages from the old one will be forwarded. See the link for step by step instructions.

Whether you've forgotten a password or your account has been hacked, purging old emails and accounts is something we should all do from time to time. Everyone has an old account that they forgot or lost access to, and many don't realize how important getting rid of them can be to prevent things like identity theft.

When it comes to determining the best way to delete a Hotmail account, there are a few ways to regain access to your account to remove it from Microsoft's records. Depending on factors like having access to the email associated with your old account, you may or may not be able to get rid of it without worry. Fortunately, DoNotPay can help you complete the process quickly and efficiently.
How you can delete old accounts and why you should
While forgotten accounts are plentiful on the Internet, they can be a danger to you if you leave them alone. Leaving an old account alone may seem like the least of your worries, but hackers will go to the ends of the earth looking for ways to get personal information.

Old emails and user accounts on platforms like Hotmail are a dangerous space where valuable information can be stored and allow online thieves to steal private or identifying information while going completely unnoticed. This makes old accounts the perfect place for virtual crimes to occur. Fortunately, regaining access to your account can help prevent potential problems from arising.

If you remember your account information, deleting it is as simple as

Go to the Microsoft website (the company bought other platforms and now owns Hotmail, Outlook, Live and MSN)
Select the Login tab
Enter your account information and then go to Account Settings
Select Close your account
Verify that it is the account you want to delete
Select the Next tab
Check the acknowledgment boxes
Select Reason for removal and then Submit
Your account is now closed and you can officially mark removal from your checklist and move on. If you don't remember your account information, deleting your Hotmail account is a little more difficult.


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