How do I find sites to post links?

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It is not uncommon for owners of their own blogs to invite their readers and third-party authors to participate in the creation of content. They are easy to find by requesting "accept guest posts" in the search bar on your computer.

How do I find sites to post links?

The Yandex blog rating includes over a million resources. You can offer blogs with similar topics to post material. The TOP rating is unlikely to agree to a free publication. Authors, however, who have not yet achieved the desired popularity, are more likely to respond to the proposal.
Before you start sending out proposals, make a list of 200-300 resources where you would like to publish. This will allow you to avoid wasting time when, after a positive decision from the owner, you evaluate the resource and change your mind. But this is a very big job, so it's easier to contact the outreach service Pr Flare and they will do all the work for you (they already have their own database of sites, bloggers) with which you can start working.


Also, if you submit 10 proposals and only 2 agree to post, you will quickly lose enthusiasm. In the case of mass mailing to 300 addresses, 60 positive answers will look much more optimistic.

Have you chosen guest posts as a way to promote your resource? Take an evolutionary approach by starting to publish in under-popular but ambitious projects, gradually moving to more authoritative ones.

 Before inviting the blog to publish your material, take the time to study previously posted content, leave some interesting comments, participate in communication between readers.

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