How do I claim KLM Airlines Miles?

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KLM Miles are the points you earn via traveling with KLM Airlines.

How do I claim KLM Airlines Miles?

KLM Miles are the points you earn via traveling with KLM Airlines. Different points structure is created for different travel cabins, and you can benefit by traveling with KLM Airlines via earning numerous travel points. You can use these points to make a future booking with KLM Airlines or modify any existing travel ticket.

If you feel the need to claim your KLM Miles or you notice that your miles did not get updated after your last KLM flight, no worries, the following will help[ you significantly. You can get an instant answer to the question ‘How do I claim KLM Miles?’ via the points listed below.

Claim your KLM Airlines Miles

You can claim your KLM Miles via the following steps;

Visit the official KLM website.
Now, log in to your Flying Blue account if you wish to claim your KLM Miles.
Make a digital copy of your KLM flight tickets and Boarding pass and send it to the official KLM Airlines email address.
Once your response has been submitted, you’ll receive a notification regarding the same.
Your KLM miles will be credited after your tickets are verified and approved for the specified miles.
You can then notice the KLM miles updating on your Flying Blue account.

Thus, you can claim your KLM miles or know how do I speak to someone at KLM via contacting the klm customer service team and use your KLM miles for making the required purchases or modifications with KLM Airlines effectively for your flight ticket booking convenience.


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