How To Keep Your Used Cars in St Johns Looking Brand New On A Budget

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Handy tips in keeping your second hand car look brand new all the time

How To Keep Your Used Cars in St Johns Looking Brand New On A Budget

Looking to buy a new car? Well, the best thing you could do is to save up your hard-earned money, and then go and buy yourself a brand new car. However, if you are like most of us, that is not an option. That is why buying used cars in St Johns is the best option for most of us. Keeping your car looking as good as it did the day you bought it is a big task, no matter how well you take care of your car

Your  Used Cars in St Johns has probably been with you for quite some time now. It is already a significant part of you because it has been your companion as you traverse the journey of life. It has withstood all the ups and downs you have faced courageously. You wander with it and take your loved ones from one destination to another as you create wonderful memories together. You beat the traffic jam with it and arrive at work on the dot. Thus, you love your car. 

I once heard that the car we drive says a lot about us. It is an extension of our identity.  If people take a glimpse of your car, what do you think can be said of you? You definitely would want to hear a good impression of how you fare towards taking good care of it. Chances are you might have seen other people managing to keep their car looking like it’s new even though it has been used for several years. Indeed, it requires time, dedication, and money. 

Cars when properly maintained can still gleam and shine brightly even if you are on a tight budget. Let me share with you helpful tips on how to keep your Used Cars in St Johns looking new and clean.

Check and Remove Deposits Immediately

Cars are prone to harmful deposits such as bird droppings, sticky blotches of tree sap or any other dead insects that can leave a sticky residue. These can contain acidic or alkali material that leaves an unsightly stain and can possibly damage your car paint. Hence, check for any of these and remove it immediately before it gets hard to remove them when left for too long. Gently scrub for any deposits seen by using a rag, mild soap and water. You can also invest in car covers to protect your car from the mentioned threats.

Lather and Wash Regularly

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After checking for any car deposits, you need to lather and wash the car properly. Use car soap that is gentle on your paint. The sponge and cloth must be soft too. In cleaning, use long and light strokes then rinse it thoroughly with water. Drying it properly using a microfiber towel is also equally important. You can find a variety of microfiber towels that can prevent you from scratching your car. Indeed, giving your car a regular bath at least once a week can make a difference in keeping it shiny.

Ensure Safe Parking

Successful car owners know how to ensure safe parking for their cars. That's why you should ensure that your car is parked safely.

When you park in public places, check the surroundings. When you are parking in an unknown place, check the area for cigarette butts, gumballs, sap, and other debris that can deposit on your car's paint and cause damage to it. Also, look out for poorly maintained or broken tree branches around the parking area. Falling leaves and dew can easily damage your car's paint.

Ensure safe parking by avoiding direct sunlight. You can do this by using a garage or a covered parking space. Direct exposure of your car to sunlight causes damages to its interior parts and can also lead to a decrease in value.

Apply Regular Polish

One of the best ways to improve the look of your car is by applying polish regularly. You don't even have to take it out and dry it before applying polish. All you need to do is clean it, spray a little water on it, and apply some polish. This will help make the paint last longer, as well as give it a good shine every time you drive around.

There are many different types of polishes you can use, depending on what you want. You can go for regular polish, or something more specialized like wax. It's also possible to use waterless polish if you want something that's less messy and doesn't need drying time.

To improve the lifespan of your car exterior, you need to apply regular polish at least every six months. You can either polish by hand or machine. For your polish preference, be sure to follow instructions accordingly. It can significantly provide better car protection from stains, dirt, and scratches. Furthermore, it prevents the paint surface from fading and adds aesthetic benefits too. 

Never Forget to Clean the Inside

Paying attention to the interior of the car is also highly recommended. Thus, never forget to practice cleanliness even with simple habits such as collecting the trash regularly such as leftover foods. This must be seriously practiced to avoid clutter, rodents and stinky odor. It can also help if you do the interior vacuum of your car on a regular basis.

If you want your used cars in St Johns to be of value, it is very important that you make sure it looks as good and polished at all times. Remember, a car's appearance is one of the first things potential buyers take into account when looking for a new purchase. Without proper car detailing, the value of your used cars in St Johns vehicle will depreciate much faster than you think. You can save hundreds or even thousands simply by taking care of these basic steps mentioned below.

You see, when you keep your car C-L-E-A-N inside and out, it can not only keep it looking new. It will increase the likelihood of it to be sold right away when you decide to sell it later. 


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