How SoundCloud Works

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You are a music lover and want to hear the work of independent artists who are not famous singers that everyone knows. Is music a part of your life and in your spare time do you make covers based on the songs you like the most? Do you want to let the world know your musical talent but yo

How SoundCloud Works


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If you've been searching the Internet for information on how SoundCloud works, it's probably because some friends have told you about it and want to know more about it. In that case you will be happy to know that you have just come across the right tutorial: I can explain in detail the operation of this platform for streaming music.

That said, all you need, to be able to follow the detailed instructions contained in this guide is a few minutes of free time. Sit comfortably, grab your Android or iOS smartphone and read the explanations that follow. I'm sure you'll be able to understand how this app works in the blink of an eye and that, by the end of the reading, you'll be looking forward to sharing what you've learned with all your friends. We bet? Before starting, I hope you read well.

How to download SoundCloud iOS

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  • SoundCloud Web How to download SoundCloud Android
  • Before going into detail about the operation of SoundCloud I have to explain how to download the quest app on your device. This popular music streaming service for emerging artists is available as an app for Android smartphones. Then take your device in your hands and follow the instructions I will give you to know step by step how to download the app.

From the main screen of your device, tap the Play Store icon, which is Google's virtual store, where you can download games and apps. Play Store presents an icon with a colored triangle symbol

and, as soon as you tap on it, you have to type in the name of the app via the built-in search engine to find it and download it.

Then tap the text field at the top which you can see next to Search on Google Play and then type

SoundCloud then press Search ( the magnifying glass icon ) from the keyboard of your smartphone. Now identify this app from search results. SoundCloud presents an orange icon with a white al bubble in the center . As soon as you find the app in question and you can see the preview card, you can install it by tapping the Install button

and then the Accept button . You just have to wait for the app to download on your smartphone; at the end of the same will appear with the Open button in the PlayStore of Android and the application icon will be automatically added to the home screen of your device. To start the app, you can tap on its icon. How to download SoundCloud on iOS

The SoundCloud app is also available on iPhone for free. You can then download it to your iPhone via the iOS App Store. If you do not know how to download games and applications on your iOS device, please note that the first thing to press on the App Store, which is blue and has a center


Once you tap on the App Store, tap on the con symbol from the magnifying glass which you can see next to Search

. This button is located in the bottom bar of the App Store. Tapping on these words will bring up a screen dedicated to the App Store internal search and, in the text field

App Store , you have to type in the name of the app: your goal is to download it. Then tap the text field at the top and type SoundCloud then press the Tast button Search tasto on your smartphone keyboard. When in doubt, keep in mind that the Sound cloud app has

orange icon with white cloud in the middle . This application can be downloaded for free and developed by SoundClound Ltd. Have you found the app from the App Store search engine? Good! Then you just have to press the Get button and then the button

Install to install the application in question. Also consider that you may be asked to confirm the installation of the app via Touch ID (in which case you will have to place your finger on your smartphone sensor) or you may be asked to enter your iCloud account password. This is an optional check that you can disable from your device options.

Once the app installation is complete, you will see an Open button appear in the iOS App Store. To start the app, you can also tap on its icon which will be added to the home screen of your Apple smartphone. How SoundCloud works on Android / iOS Once you start the app, you can start using it to listen to streaming music. SoundCloud is an app that stands out from the rest in that it allows you to listen to music created by independent artists.

With Sound cloud it is possible to upload your own podcasts or music mixes and have them listen to other users; the purpose of this app is to bring out his musical talent. SoundCloud can be used in a completely free way, but you can also purchase a subscription subscription that allows you to take advantage of additional features. The first thing you need to do is register as soon as you are prompted; then press the Create account button and choose whether to register via your Facebook account or through Google by pressing the button


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