Why is SBCGlobal net email not working

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Why is SBCGlobal net email not working

Every SBCGlobal user might face a problem with their emails once in a while. There can be infinite reasons associated with that. Although it's impossible to discuss all the reasons here, we will stick with some important ones.

Here you will learn some important reasons, why is SBCGlobal net email not working and the troubleshooting procedure to fix the issues. So take a look at these and ensure to execute the given solutions.

Reasons and solutions behind SBCGlobal net email stop working. 

Here you can check out some top reasons and their solutions in detail.

SBCGlobal email page is not loading. 

It can happen due to poor internet connection and error 404! Page not found. If it happens, you can try the solutions below.

Ensure the device is connected to the internet correctly

Clear the history, cookies, and cache

Update your browsers setting

Now able to send and receive emails.

It is the main function of your email; in case any issue occurs, you can try the suggestions below.

For sending mails:

Make sure the recipient username is correct

Do not send any attachment that exceeds the permissible limit

Ask the receiver to check emails in the spam folder

Ensure that the receiver didn't block you

For Receiving mails:

Make sure to have a proper internet connection

Refresh the page to load new mails

Check your spam folder

Confirm your email address to the receiver and ask him to send the mail again

Pop-up server settings:

Ensure that the incoming and outgoing server settings of your SBCGlobal email account are configured appropriately. If you use it via AT&T or Yahoo homepage, enable the extension accordingly.

So given are the reasons why your SBCGlobal mail is not working and their solutions. However, if you cannot log in to your SBCGlobal email account due to the wrong password or username, you can open the SBCGlobal account recovery page. Follow the process to recover your username and password using the registered phone number or email address. In case nothing works, you can talk to the SBCGlobal representative by calling on its customer care number.

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