Essay on Lockdown Life

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Essay on Lockdown Life

Essay on Lockdown Life

Most of the students are studying through online classes so many teachers are asking the students to write an essay on your lockdown life. I want to make sure that you know that there are very high chances that this essay could come in your examinations. Most of the teachers give an essay on the current situation so you can ask homework helper online for a help to prepare this essay.

Essay on Lockdown life

We all know the current situation in our country. Due to the corona pandemic and to maintain social distancing we have to stay at our homes because our home is the safest place for us. We should follow the guidelines given by the government because it is made for our safety. We have to fight together to win . 

Some people are enjoying their life in lockdown because they got a chance to spent some time with their family after a very long time. Many people are feeling bored in lockdown because they are thinking that their freedom is expired.

Human is a social animal we can live alone in a certain place for a very long time. It is very necessary for us to interact with other humans. That is the reason why some people are feeling very bored because they had not faced this situation in their lifetime.


Many things are happening for the first time due to this pandemic like lockdown and other stuff. We had never faced this type of situation in our lifetime. We had never stayed in our homes for this long time. We can not go out of our home without permission from the government but this is very important for us that we follow the rules and regulations by the government.

People in lockdown

In my opinion, most of us are wasting our precious lockdown period. We will never that much free time in our lifetime. Most of us are wasting our lockdown by watching movies and Tv serials. They are not understanding the value of time. Many people are wasting their time is watching entertainment videos on youtube and TikTok.

It is a very precious time for us and we should use it wisely because we will never get this time back. We should spend our time with our family members because they need to talk with each other.

In this time of extreme stress, we should share our thoughts and feelings with each other. If you are a parent then you should spend your time with your child you should try to know about his feelings and thought. If you are a student then you should go to your father and talk to him.


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