How to Reset Outlook Account?

Posted 3 years ago in TECHNOLOGY.

Outlook is a Microsoft-designed personal information manager used as an email program. It is an email client that enables you to communicate with an email host. If you have lost your password, as seen in the blog, you can reset Outlook Email Password through any of the following steps

How to Reset Outlook Account?

Learn How to Reset Outlook Account with some easy steps

You can download Outlook password recovery software to recover your password. This will help you reset your password immediately. You can reset your password directly from the Outlook Account Information setting. Users should allow Outlook to remember your account password so that you don't need to enter your password every time you check your email. Outlook password reset is not a very lengthy process. You need to follow the step-by-step process.

To reinstall Outlook on Windows PC, do the following:

  • 1. Close your Microsoft Outlook Go to the Start Menu to open the Control Panel on your Windows desktop.
  • In Windows 7, move your cursor to the "Start Menu" in the bottom left of your screen, then click "Control Panel."
  • In Windows 8, slide the cursor to the right edge of your screen, click the "Settings" tab, then go to "Control Panel."
  • 2. When you see the Control Panel Wizard
  • Click the "View by" button in the upper right corner, select "Small icons" from the drop-down list.
  • In the next step, click on the "Mail" tab in the first column of the Control Panel
  • 3. Mail setup dialog box will appear on your screen, in the Profile section, click on the “Show Profile” tab.
  • 4. Now click on the "Add" button in the mailbox to add a new account
  • 5. In the New Profile dialog box, enter a new profile name in the Profile name field, then click OK.
  • 6. Enter your account username and password Click "Next". This is the same login information you use to connect to your mail server.
  • 7. Now close the "Add" profile dialog box by clicking the "Cancel" button, then click "OK" to save your new profile.
  • 8. Now you will be taken to the mail dialog box, click on the option that says: "Always use this profile" Select the new profile. This allows you to open Outlook in a new, blank profile.
  • 9. Now exit the "Control Panel" wizard.
  • 10. Your new settings are now saved. The next time you open Microsoft Outlook you will get a fresh start. Your server calendar information will be synchronized with the server so that you can access your messages.

Losing your Outlook account that you need every day with your clients and partners can be frustrating. And not knowing how to restore that account hurts him even more. That's why we created this blog to help you learn how to recover your deleted Outlook account