How Sports Nutrition Industry is Increasing the Market Value of Vegan Protein

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The need for vegan protein in day-to-day diets is being driven by an evolving demand for more organic and natural food as opposed to synthetic food.

How Sports Nutrition Industry is Increasing the Market Value of Vegan Protein

Demand for vegan protein is expected to recover steadily in short-term, with sanguine growth outlook in the long-run. Rising awareness about the importance of healthy diet will mean limited chances in near future. But, the consumption of vegan protein by fitness enthusiast working out and following their diet regularly will provide momentum.

Factors Affecting the Demand for Vegan Protein

Increasing demand for more organic and natural food when compared to synthetic food is constantly driving the demand for vegan protein in day to day diet.

Aesthetic and bodybuilding applications constantly registering it as a lucrative avenue for vegan protein manufacturers.

Sales of vegan protein has gone through a constant boom-and-bust, which has remained an abiding challenge for manufacturers. The fluctuation was noticed as most of the end-users preferred animal-based protein than plant-based protein for which manufacturers remained unprepared for capacity utilization and expansion.

The usage of vegan protein is obvious to function weight loss and help people strengthen their muscles. Vegan proteins are being increasingly profitable to prevent the risk of type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases accompanied with the consumption of meat products.

Numerous industries around the globe have been affected by COVID-19-induced slowdown while some of them remained withstand. The vegan protein supplement industry showed an extraordinary growth owing to increasing consumer awareness, growing number of fitness centres, and a desire to lead active and healthy lifestyles amid COVID-19 pandemic. As increasing fitness and immunity remains the important interested area for end-users, vegan protein manufacturers are expected to register sustained opportunities in near future, opines Fact.MR.

Vegan protein is also used extensively in sports nutrition industry. Although lockdown and shelter-at-home guidelines have meant restricted sporting activities, sales are expected to grow constant over the course of the assessment period owing to the growth in vegan population and increase in number of online wellness clubs.


Many leading manufacturers and suppliers have permanent contracts with end-users to supply vegan proteins. The increasing importance of plant-based nutrition, positive outlook for the sport nutrition industry, and emerging fitness trends leading to high demand for the protein-rich diet are some of the factors which are expected to create huge opportunities for market participants in vegan protein and supplements market. Furthermore, many vegan protein manufacturers are focusing on adopting the strategies such as product innovations, mergers & acquisitions, developments, joint venture, collaborations, and partnerships.

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