How Can I Cancel my EVA Flight without Cancellation Fee?

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Here's how to get the complete details on how I can cancel my EVA flight without any cancellation fee.

How Can I Cancel my EVA Flight without Cancellation Fee?

Cancel an Eva Air Flight Without Cancellation Fee

When it comes to air travel, people usually make arrangements in advance, and the ticket is booked at least a month in advance. What happens in that one month before the due date can not be predicted. You might need to change the flight a day before they take off or on the same day as the booking. Eva Airlines understand this puzzling situation and hence offers you a chance to get a full refund on your cancellation, provided you are eligible under these policies;

  • You need to cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking an Eva flight ticket. If you wish to cancel the booking after these 24 hours have passed, then some minor cancellation charges will be imposed by Eva Airlines.
  • This policy is offered to the customers of the U.S. and Canada. If you live outside these regions, then this policy is not applicable to you.
  • In addition to this 24 hours Eva policy, another condition must be satisfied. The departure due date must not be less than 7 days from the date of cancellation and refund request.
  • Passengers who have booked Eva tickets via a third party need to connect with the former and ask them to submit a refund request on the passenger’s behalf.

If you fulfill the above Eva policies, then you can cancel your ticket in this manner,

  • The official Eva website displays the ‘Manage Your Trip’ on the home page. Opening this is your first step.
  • On this new page, you will see the ‘Cancel Booking’ option; this will trigger the cancellation process.
  • Now, all that Eva passengers need to do is provide registration details and submit the application, and it is done.

Under certain circumstances, booking class and fare, the airline might provide you a full refund when you search ‘Can I cancel my EVA AIR flight?’ and when you do not want to pay any fee. The people working in customer care are very understanding and will provide you with the best solution.


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