Writing Marketing Thesis Recommendations from experts

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We will present here a set of qualitative advice in order to best succeed in writing a Marketing thesis.

Writing Marketing Thesis Recommendations from experts

We will present here a set of qualitative advice in order to best succeed in writing a Marketing thesis.

It should be noted that Marketing is a very vast field which currently interests many students and it could force students to buy a critical essay. It's a sprawling branch that includes many subdomains, of which here is a brief overview of a few of these main subdomains:

Web marketing

Webmarketing bringing together the various Marketing techniques and advertising strategies implemented to improve the visibility of a product or a supplier in an Internet environment. The issues proposed as part of a final thesis in Webmarketing therefore focus on the challenges of implementing a strategy in the digital age,

Sports Marketing

Sports marketing which refers to the principles and marketing strategies used in the field of sports. The issue of the sports marketing thesis focuses on strategies for organizing sports events, the challenges of sports sponsorship, etc. This option is very broad and can relate to products, services and organizations.

Sensory marketing

Sensory Marketing focused on Marketing techniques that appeal to the consumer's five senses to encourage them to buy an admission essay or service. From this perspective, the students deepen the impact of the consumer's perception on his purchasing behavior,

Luxury Marketing

As the name suggests, it focuses on luxury products and targets affluent consumers. The student who is interested in this branch of study can deepen the different criteria allowing the establishment of luxury brands, the behavior of different populations vis-à-vis luxury products, etc.


E-commerce or electronic commerce, for its part, refers to commercial exchanges carried out via electronic or digital interfaces and in particular, via the Internet. With this in mind, the student may be led to find the main motivations for e-commerce by companies, the advantages of e-commerce, etc.
The content of the thesis may therefore change depending on the specialization of the student. However, there are some commonalities that make it possible to draw up writing rules for all marketing students.

Some tips for writing your end-of-study Marketing dissertation:

1. The jury is based on the reasoning of the researcher therefore the latter must establish a plan allowing the logical articulation of the different arguments. Since the plan constitutes the skeleton of the dissertation, its construction should not be neglected by the student. To achieve it, he must do many readings. The plan must be balanced and the different parties must answer the question posed at the outset.

2. The text begins with an introduction which presents the subject and the interests of the study, the problematic and the adopted plan . It ends with the conclusion which corresponds to the results of the study followed by an opening. The development has several parts with chapters and sections.

3. The thesis includes a theoretical study ( literature review ) which should not only copy what has been said in the various previous studies. It is a question of making an analysis of the writings by confronting the different authors. Often there are contradictions between the different authors and the student must be able to analyze the possible limits of the theories thus stated. His numerous readings should allow him to make interpretations and draw the main ideas from theoretical data,

4. The end of studies thesis in Marketing requires an empirical study carried out in the field. And student need help writing a paper. The studied population is a population of consumers whose behavior and attitudes are studied by the researcher,

5. In general, the part allocated to the methodology comprises a quantitative study and a qualitative study . The qualitative study consists of carrying out surveys of resource persons. The quantitative study implies for its part, a survey carried out on the basis of a questionnaire. The two types of analyzes must be complementary and make it possible to draw the stakes of the company and the marketing strategies put in place by the respondents or to be put in place within the company.

6. It is necessary to justify the choice for a method and very precise its implementation by the student.

7. The author of the thesis must present reliable results so he is led to optimize his data collection, to carry out the sampling in such a way that the population studied and the number of people studied are well representative and make it possible to give reliable information. Likewise, the Marketing researcher must also make reliable statistical analyzes so that the interpretations are not distorted.

8. The document presented by the student must allow the reader to understand the key concepts that he wants to highlight. The student must be able to problematize from his observations in the field.

9. The last part of the development corresponds to the recommendation or formulation of recommendations. The determination of the latter is based mainly on the analysis of quantitative data and qualitative data.

10. The formulation of recommendations could pave the way for other research perspectives. This approach should make it possible to show the reader the open-mindedness of the student but also his critical spirit which allows him to discern the missing points in his thesis.

11. The student must demonstrate scientific rigor, which implies providing as many details as possible.

12. The different parts of the thesis must be preceded by a transition allowing the logical sequence of the argument to be understood.

13. Pictures and tables allowing the synthesis of the writings could help the reader to understand the text. They are preferable over long texts.

14. The student must make a bibliography in which are mentioned the author, the year of publication, the title of the book, the edition, the city and the number of pages of the book he has consulted. Sources from the Internet are mentioned in the sitography.

15. The student must proofread his work and ask someone else to proofread his document. This process first of all makes it possible to ensure that the document does not contain typos, or spelling mistakes, etc. It also makes it possible to review the relevance of the content and the arrangement of ideas. Finally, it makes it possible to bring subjective criticisms allowing improvement of the version which will be given to the jury.

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