How to make money sitting on the sofa

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How to make money sitting on the sofa^Earnings for bloggers

How to make money sitting on the sofa

Earnings for bloggers

If you're already running your blog and want to monetize it, then services to find advertisers can help you. Even if you have only a thousand subscribers, someone may be interested in this too.

The registration and algorithm of the services is quite simple, for bloggers this is a great opportunity to attract both small and large advertisers without endless negotiations and document exchanges. But it should be remembered that the amount of income received from your blog directly depends on the activity and involvement of users in it. If this kind of earning is not for you try to get additional income with games such as

Creating and selling masks and game masks for Instagram Stories

The popularity and views of instagram stories probably might have peaked in 2019-2020 if it weren't for the advent of personalized virtual reality masks, which have made interest in viewing storis skyrocket.

Most bloggers nowadays don't design masks themselves, but prefer to give such assignments to agencies and or private designers.

To create your own mask you will need to learn how to work in Spark AR Studio software. According to many developers, this is quite easy. When you start the program itself, you can explore training projects.

Creating masks is not only a popular and in-demand trend in social networks, but also a great way to earn money for those who do not have special skills in interactive applications and programs. Also, there are now masses of guides on how to work with certain programs on the Internet.

With the many advantages of this work, one should not forget about the rather large competition in this field. But you certainly will not have competition in games in which you can get extra income such as for example

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