Your Guide To Knowing More About Industrial Oil Contamination

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You need to know what causes contamination in your industrial lubricants so that you can prevent what causes them. This article will help you along the way.

Your Guide To Knowing More About Industrial Oil Contamination

Did you ever think about what is making your industrial machinery lubricant contaminated despite the machinery being placed in an indoor setting? And did you know that even the tiniest dirt particles can cause massive damage to big machines?


This article will provide you with guidelines about what oil contamination is? What causes this impurity, and the best oil filters system that can prevent it. Thus, we shall help you understand where the issue is rising and how to eliminate it.


What Do We Exactly Mean By Oil Contamination?


Oil filtration system experts can tell that the oil is contaminated if the result after analysis show; dirt, metal particles, fuel, or other impurities found in the oil.


Moreover, these analyzed results will show a chemical change in oil texture. For example, oxidation and additive shortages happening in the oil itself. Basically, oil contamination includes the addition of impure substances into the oil, which alter its chemical properties.


This is the reason why you need a professional oiler company staff to provide you with the best oil filter after inspecting your machine parts and providing the best service.


What Causes Oil Impurity?


Now let's check the reasons that make your industrial machine lubricant get contaminated.


The reason behind this section is that many industrial owners get frustrated from the oil contamination when it happens without logic in the indoor workspace.


Here are the main reasons that cause oil impurity:


The first reason that causes oil contamination is carbon build-up on your appliance. This will require instant oil filtering since this build-up may affect your machine’s operation.


Another reason for oil impurity is when servicing new oil with incorrect utilization. Sometimes, oil filter blockage helps in building up contamination. The latter can ultimately lead to reduced machine lubrication quality.


Also, degraded oil is another reason for oil contamination that causes higher temperatures. This leads to extending machine interval parts.


Another way contamination occurs is when your machine gets old and starts to tear up, it will make the oil full of tiny torn machine particles.


Lastly, oil cal also gets contaminated with water steam , which turns to liquid when the machine temperature goes down.


After reading this section, you must have a better idea about why an expert supplier of industrial oil filter systems is important. They offer you state-of-the-art industrial filters, lubricants, and lubrication handling equipment. They also provide you with other equipment maintenance systems designed for both commercial and industrial applications.


Essential Aspects To Know Regarding Oil Contamination:


Here, we will discuss some of the important oil contamination particle characteristics that can help you when testing machine oil.


Apparently, each of these contaminant features will impact your industrial machine lubricant. Also, these characteristics will determine the extent of damage to be caused to the machine.


Here is the list of contamination characteristics:


The Particle Size


Impurity particle size affects the machine’s smooth operations and the machine’s lubricant.


Because the size of the contamination particle bridge, the working clearances of moving machine surfaces even if large particles get smashed into smaller ones.


And they will build up to get bigger in size in the machine’s working clearances. This will start scraping the gaps and cause surface exhaustion.


Surface Zone


Let's look at the example above. As we mentioned above, when large particles get crushed into smaller particles, they will increase the oil contamination area.


Thus, you need to mind the surface area since it increases oil impurity from particle mass. And if you did not change the oil as scheduled, it's going to collect more impurities, like water which can undergo catalytic reactions with the oil. This will lead to a slowing in machine performance and a reduction in its lifespan.


And as the surface area will produce more air bubbles, it will inhibit efficient detrainment from the oil. So it's advised to get your oil tested with the best oil filter company. This company can provide you with personalized maintenance services based on the latest research.


The Particle Count


Lastly, you need to know that the right size, shape, and hardness of particles will be a destructive contact waiting to happen. As we mentioned above, when these particles crash into small pieces, they will contaminate machine lubricant.


And you must be aware that the particle count increases with an unmaintained machine lubrication system. So as time passes, these contamination particles make babies. Afterward, they will start living and do the same by making more contamination.


So, don't forget to maintain your industrial machine lubrication, to control the impurity. Or you can reach out to experts and request their assistance to do the work for you.


The Bottom Line


This article is your place to know all the ins and outs of industrial machine lubrication impurities and what causes this oil contamination.


Moreover, it will help you prevent these contaminations from living in your machine parts. You can schedule an oil maintenance plan or ask a professional industrial lubricants supplier to assist you with on-site checkups and offer the best product that suits your machine operation.


After all, using the right product from an industrial lubricants expert will reduce the risk of contamination and increase your machine lifespan.


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