How to care for your hair with Wigs

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Wigs have come a long way in terms of how great and comfortable they are. With their popularity continuously increasing

How to care for your hair with Wigs

Wigs have come a long way in terms of how great and comfortable they are. With their popularity continuously increasing, more women are choosing to wear wigs more often than their own hair. We believe that just because you choose the wig life you shouldn’t neglect your hair. In fact, a lot of women have experienced a significant amount of hair growth with the use of wigs. It is important to take care of your hair in order to also enjoy the wig experience. Below we provide tips on how to take care of your hair if you love wigs.


Before putting your wig on you should always prepare your hair. Never put a wig on dirty hair. Most importantly, you should wash your hair often even when wearing wigs. Glueless human hair wigs are great as you can take them off every night which means you can wash your hair weekly. Cleaning your hair and scalp is necessary to get rid of product build-up, dirt, dandruff, environmental pollutants, and dead skin cells. Dirty hair will clog follicles that contain active cells that are responsible for hair growth as the hair and scalp are unable to get nutrients. Putting a wig on dirty hair can mess the wig and over time damage the wig especially with lace wig material being thin and delicate. Go for a well-formulated moisturized shampoo for your weekly wash and use a clarifying shampoo on a monthly basis to strip the hair clean.


The wig life can be addicting, especially from the results they give. It can be easy to not prioritize your hair when you can easily throw on a wig and call it a day. Your hair needs to be properly taken care of before wearing a wig or when you have the wig off. Consistency is also key. With our human hair wigs, it take seconds to put on and take off which means you can easily make time to schedule a few hours of your day to take care of the hair.


Water is the golden standard for moisture for both hair and wigs. Hair cannot thrive without the consistent use of moisture. For your hair to be healthy, strong, and grow underneath the wig, you need to ensure the hair is adequately hydrated. Moisturized hair is healthy, nourished, soft, shiny, and manageable whilst unmoisturized hair is dry, brittle, and more prone to hair breakage and damage. Moisturizing your hair should be done every few days. Our frontal lace wigs and glueless human hair wigs
 are great wigs as they take seconds to wear. This means that during the week you can take off the use of a moisturizing spray to spritz and refresh your hair.


Deep conditioners are essential to have in your hair care regimen for healthy flourishing hair. Deep conditioners can easily penetrate into the hair cuticles to maintain and improve the health of hair. You must use a deep conditioner every time you wash your hair, especially if you wear your wigs for a long period of time. Deep containers are perfect as they will strengthen the hair by moisturizing the hair structure.


Hair strands are made up of a protein known as keratin. Protein is crucial as it keeps hair strands healthy and strong so as to withstand potential damage. A protein treatment is vital especially if you wear wigs often. Lack of protein can leave hair mushy, lifeless, weak, and can lead to hair breaking a lot. Implement protein-based products in your hair routine that will strengthen, maintain and improve the hair.




Friction is the hair's enemy for both your hair and wig. It is one of the biggest causes of hair breakage and excess shed hair. As we sleep at night a lot of friction happens on our heads and it is vital to protect your hair at night. The friction will cause hair to rub against your pillow and will lead to hair drying out, tangling, and possibly breaking off. To protect your hair at night use a pillowcase, bonnet, or scarf made from satin or silk. Thanks to our curly headband wigs which can be taken off at night you get to protect both your hair and wig, retain moisture, and prevent friction.


Being gentle with your hair and wig is extremely important. It is easy to find yourself being rough with the wig. Unfortunately, this can lead to hair breakage and hair thinning. It’s important to take your time when taking care of your hair during the washing, conditioning, and styling steps. Do not deal with your hair when you are in a rush or frustrated. You might take it out on the hair. If you do not have the time or mood for being gentle with your hair, pop on our bob with bang wig or curly headband wig until you are ready to gently deal with the hair.



Detangling your hair is important for the health of your hair. We naturally shed 50-100 strands a day. If you wear a wig that means a lot of hair shed will accumulate in your hair until you wash the hair. Not detangling shed hair is dangerous as it can intertwine with your healthy hair causing tangles, knots, and hair breakage. Use detangling products and detangling tools to gently detangle shed and tangle hair.

  1. HEAT

Heat in excess to the hair strands can easily damage and cause hair breakage to the hair. You should avoid heat as much as possible. One of the best things about wigs is that they will give you the styles you are looking for without having to damage your own hair. Instead of using a curling iron go for our curly headband wig and for a straight look try a bob wig with bang wigs. Heat damage leaves the hair dry, weak, and brittle. Your hair loses elasticity and is limp. As heat damage is irreversible, always opt for a wig. You keep your hair protected as you get to enjoy heat styles with the wigs.

With this information, you can now protect and properly take care of your hair and still get to enjoy our high-quality wigs.