What makes python more popular than other programming Language?

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What makes python more popular than other programming Language?

Python is a programming language that was designed by Guido van Rossum in 20 February 1991.It is high-level, general-purpose programming language. The popularity of python is such that it is being used by top notch companies like Google, Facebook etc. The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning has become easier using Python. There are many reasons why python is more popular than other programming languages.

  • Easy to Learn and Use:- Python language is easy to learn. Unlike other programming language that are difficult to learn like Java, dot net and php, Python is comparatively easier to learn as well as code. The ease of writing codes on code editors using python syntax makes it first choice for the new developers.
  • Mature and Supportive Python Community:- We need support and guidance from the community when we are stuck in the some project. Hence we can seek help from Python Community who are ready to help you anytime.
  • Support from Renowned Corporate Sponsors:- There are many corporate sponsors who offer support services in Python we can seek help from those corporate companies as well. They offer python development services for application development, website development or software development.
  • Hundreds of Python Libraries and Frameworks:- There are many libraries that are available for python these days apart from python frameworks. We can use this library for python application development or python web development.

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