3D Mapping & 3D Modelling Market Size, Share, Trends, Business Strategies, Revenue till 2027

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3D mapping & 3D Modelling Market, By Application (3D Mobile Mapping, 3D Projection Mapping, 3D Laser Mapping, 3D Texture Mapping,), Verticles (Healthcare, Retail, Media & Entertainment), - Forecast Till 2027

3D Mapping & 3D Modelling Market Size, Share, Trends, Business Strategies, Revenue till 2027

3D mapping & 3D Modelling Market

Market Overview

The 3D mapping & 3D Modelling Market will register USD 6 billion at a CAGR of 26% from 2017 to 2023. Due to the extensive use of artificial intelligence by the market players in enhancing market growth. 3D mapping and modeling is a technology used to make the 3D environment. Many construction sites use this method to better view the projects or constructions. It is an effective tool for architects to estimate the materials required and the basic cost for constructing the building. 3D mapping & 3D Modelling is used by many sectors such as healthcare, construction, entertainment and many more.

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Regional Analysis

The 3D mapping and 3D Modelling market Size is functional in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and Africa. The Asia Pacific region will register the highest growth rate until 2023. The high population and increased use of software tools in the Asia Pacific region will increase the market growth. Demand for visualization, imagining sensors, modeling is also a growth factor for the market in the region. Realistic yet virtual views in different organizations fuel the 3D mapping & 3D Modelling Market growth. North America will also showcase a high growth rate during the forecast period. Increasing demand for 3D imaging sensors and visualization in different sectors like healthcare, construction, manufacturing, entertainment and others contributes to the market growth.

Market Segments

Applications, verticles, and industry are the 3D mapping & 3D Modelling Market segments. Based on the segment industry, the market is divided into government, aerospace, defense, automotive, transportation, healthcare, construction and engineering, energy and utilities, media and entertainment and others. The engineering and construction will experience the highest growth due to 3D mapping and modeling in the construction of the building. The 3D mapping & 3D Modelling Market is bifurcated into inspection and measurement, object reconstruction, 3D projection and navigation, virtualization, etc. The projection and navigation segment will register high CAGR due to 3D-based technology to match videos to the building. By application segment, the market is bifurcated into 3D modeling, 3D projection mapping,3D laser mapping, 3D texture mapping. Each segment will contribute to the market's growth in the forecast period.


Industry Updates 

April 2021- Snap has acquired Pixel8earth, a 3D mapping developer. 

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