How to reserve Korean air flight with Delta Miles?

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If you wanted to book your flight with Korean air using Delta miles, find here the terms nad condion to apply and procedure to book.

How to reserve Korean air flight with Delta Miles?

Can I book a Korean Air flight with Delta Miles?

In the past couple of years, many Airlines have begun to partner up with each other, directly increasing the ease of travel for commuters and the success of the partner Airlines by attracting more flyers to them.

Delta Airlines has also increased its number of partners and affiliations significantly to increase its reach over the global air market. Such alliances come with added benefits, and to know if it's possible to have and use Korean air delta miles, do read on.

Have Delta and Korean Airlines partnered up?

Delta and Korean Air partnered up back in September 2019, and since then, the flyers can use the joint services of these Airlines while traveling across Asia or the Atlantic. One can even earn and use the Delta SkyMiles to book a Korean Air flight.

 Korean air delta miles.

How to book a Korean Air flight using Delta SkyMiles?

  • Visit the official Korean Air website and log in using your Skypass ID/ account details.

  • Search for the flight you want to book a reservation, and fill in the details for the booking to get to the Payments page.

  • Activate the option of Cash and Miles on this page and select the mix of the amount of Cash and miles you would like to use.

  • Complete the payment, and a confirmation email will be sent to you regarding the booking.

  • SkyMiles can be used to pay for excess baggage, Pets, lounge services, and unaccompanied minors.

Flyers can earn Korean air delta miles under SkyMiles while traveling with Delta too.

How to book a Korean Air flight using Delta SkyMiles via Phone?

If you cannot access the Korean Air website for some reason, try contacting Korean Air customer service to get quick assistance.


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