How to Combat a Whaling Phishing Attack -IQV CLOUD

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Hardware firewalls require advanced computer knowledge to install, thus an IT technician can monitor and manage the process

How to Combat a Whaling Phishing Attack  -IQV CLOUD

Information protection has become a priority for any business operating in virtual environments. Ensuring the safeguard of actions, accounts, and bases is more than necessary, especially in these times of strong interdependence. There are numerous chances of facing a whaling phishing in Los Angeles. It is an advanced level of phishing and needs advanced problems.

A defenseless virtual business is vulnerable to cyberattacks, hacks, data theft and hijacking, and countless other threats, especially in 2020 when companies' economic activity has shifted to virtual systems due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But luckily, many tools and programs are essential to keep your data safe. Here are the suggestions to  counter the whaling phishing in Los Angeles.

The Types Of Firewalls

These are network security systems that monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined cybersecurity rules. Like internet variables, firewalls establish a barrier between a trusted network and a non-trusted network. Several firewalls exist, but we can classify them into two groups: the firewalls hardware and the firewalls software. Some versions combine the two properties at the commercial level. Still, the two types have different values, depending on the protection needs of your business, as whaling phishing incidents can occur anytime in Los Angeles. So, let's see the differences and characteristics of each:

Hardware Firewall

They protect your entire network from the outside world, with a single physical device installed between your computer network and the internet. They monitor data packets transmitted, blocking, or transferring data according to predefined cybersecurity rules. Hardware firewalls are specialized and require advanced computer knowledge to install, requiring an IT technician to monitor and manage the process to prove useful against whaling phishing in Los Angeles. Large companies opt for this type of firewall for complete protection.

Firewall For Software

They provide internal protection for a single network and are installed on a single computer and protect that device. However, they can also be installed on other computers if they require cybersecurity. Many computers these days usually come with a firewall by default. These firewalls are more specialized, household, and easy to install. When a threat arrives, they control the behavior of specific applications, such as blocking access to certain websites or protecting other computers.

The firewalls software is intended for home use or small networks than the firewall hardware, making them ideal for protecting businesses and corporations for combating whaling phishing in Los Angeles. The firewall materials are easily integrated with other types of security, give the administrator control of the entire network, provide perimeter protection for the entire system, and protect even other devices networks that do not have a built-in firewall, such as printers.

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