Top 5 Casino Games to Play in India

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Betting and gambling have always been popular in India, and the only difference seen nowadays is that betting enthusiasts have turned to online casino sites.

Top 5 Casino Games to Play in India

Betting and gambling have always been popular in India, and the only difference seen nowadays is that betting enthusiasts have turned to online casino sites. Also, when it comes to betting in India, certain games enjoy more popularity than others. So, today we have brought you the details of five such games.


The earliest versions of the game were developed back in the 18th century in France and its popularity grew around Europe. Eventually, the game arrived in America and even became popular for betting in India.  

Roulette is a unique casino game. Players place their bets on where the ball on the spinning wheel will end up. It is an easy game to play since it’s purely a game of luck. Also, there are several roulette variants, though American and European roulettes are the most common. 

European roulette has the numbers zero to thirty-six on the wheel. On the other hand, the US version has double zero segments (0 and 00). It increases the house odds, which means players have a better chance of winning with the European variety.  


If you like playing baccarat online, you will enjoy blackjack as well. It also began at casinos in the 18th century in France. Due to the fast gameplay and simple rules, casino players across the country love this game. In this game, you can compete with that dealer and other players to form a hand that is equal to twenty-one. Each person gets two hands and they can either hit (get another card) or stand (end the turn). 

There are a few ways to win the game. You can select a double for doubling the stake and get one more card before stacking up against that dealer. Another way to win more is to split particular pairs, which gives you double hands to play right against that dealer.  


Rummy is a card game where players use two card decks and two jokers for betting in India. To win the game, players need to make valid declarations by taking and discarding the cards from the two card piles in front. One of the piles is a closed deck (the player cannot see the cards he takes) and the other is an open deck (the deck formed by discarded cards of the players). To win the game, the players need to group the cards in valid sets and sequences. 

The cards in every suit rank from low to high, beginning with Ace, 2 to 10, Jack, Queen, and King. The numbered cards have values equal to their face value. The rest of the cards have ten points each. 

The game’s objective is to have the thirteen cards arranged in valid sequences and sets. You will have to make at least two sequences to win the game, and out of these two sequences, one has to be the pure sequence, while the other can be any type of valid sequence.  

Teen Patti 

The ones who like baccarat online are also fond of playing this Indian-origin game called Teen Patti. The game’s objective is to have the three best card hands as per the hand ranks and to maximize the prize pool (the pot) before the showdown to win. The standard pack of 52 cards (without jokers) is utilized in this particular game.  

The players can keep betting until any one of the given things takes place: 

  • Every player (except one) has folded. In this case, the rest of the players win all the chips present in the pot, regardless of the sequence held.  
  • Every player (except two of them) has already folded and one of the players bets for a show at their turn. Then, the sequence of Teen Patti of both the players is compared.  


Poker is a game with good odds and you have as much chance of winning when you play baccarat online. Invented back in the 1990s, poker might seem low-key, though it is one of the best card games found in casinos.  

When playing against a dealer, you will place the ante bet and get dealt with three cards. You can look at the hand and decide whether you want to fold or play. You can choose to fold and forfeit your ante bet or have it matched with the play bet to get a shot at the odds.  

Dealers are not allowed to play if they do not have a Queen or better. In case this happens, the ante bet will pay you even money and the play bet is going to be a tie (push).

If you are planning to try your hand at an online casino, it would be a good idea to start with these games. So, what are you going to start with?

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