Create A Profitable Sidehustle in 2022 Using Podkastr.

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I have been using PodKastr from the past 6 months. simply Amazed at how podcasts are giving me so much targeted buyer Traffic. Wish someone had told me about Podkastr earlier.

Create A Profitable Sidehustle in 2022 Using Podkastr.

Okay, you’re probably wondering why or how you can start a profitable side hustle with Podkastr, sit tight cause I’ll explain it all.

Some months back I had an AHA! Moment while I was  looking to generate multiple sources of passive Income.


What I discovered will later change my life and perspective about Making Money Online.

Here’s what I got to discover. I realized  that the easiest way to generate multiple streams of Income easily, without any tech skills and almost zero capital is Information Marketing.


The only thing you need to worry about is the right platform to sell your Information and that’s how Podkastr comes into play…..

 The Podcast Industry is worth a whopping sum of $95 billion and has over 425 million active users.

This means that there are over 425 million active podcast lovers waiting to pay you for sharing your knowledge or experience and there’s a money well of over  $95 billion waiting on you to tap into.


Podcasts are slowly overtaking videos because everyone is developing a habit of listening to Podcasts or videos on youtube while working on daily routine work.

If you want Targeted Cult Traffic for any business, It’s Time to Start Creating podcasts.

If you ask me, that’s an easy way to get the cash rolling in and the crazy thing is, if you think you would be too busy to create the content Podkastr has got you covered.



 Podkastr helps you ;


  • Turn any content into voice overs, 
  • helps you curate written content from YouTube and 
  • turns these audio files into podcasts. And then for good measure, syndicates it to multiple channels to drive traffic.

And Many More.


What is PodKastr?


PodKastr is the First, A.I Powered 6-in-one Podcasting Solution that Creates, Hosts, and distributes Unlimited Podcasts In 100+Languages Using 6Artificial  Intelligence Trained Engine. 

That can also be used for CLIENTS Podcasts for Evergreen Income WITHOUT, Special Skill, Experience, Or Learning Curves.

Podkastr gives you control, flexibility and power like NO other podcast hosting platforms!


Podkastr Review: Major Key Feature


  • Content converter engine: allows you to type past your content and convert it to your podcast.


  • Article Converter: allows you to convert any article Blogpost to Podcast.


  • Ebook Converter allows you to convert any Ebook (in PDF Format) to Podcast.


  • Video Converter Engine: allows you to Convert ANY Youtube Video Content to Podcast.


  • Audio Recording Engine: allows you to record their audio inside podcast App.


  • Audio Upload Engine: allows you to upload their audio in .mp3 format.


  • Grow your Email: list like never before with an in-built Leads Generation System.


  • Audio Embedder: Embed your audio on any webpage.


  • Create: your product in different languages 


  • Auto Share: to multiple social platforms.


  • Distribute to 20 Podcast Directory platforms for Traffic Generation


  • Auto-generate, SEO-friendly Podcast Pages.

And so much more…. 


Podkastr Review: {Who should use it}

I would like to recommend this amazing tool for All professional persons such as;

  • Bloggers & Newbie
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Online Product & Service Providers
  • Web Designers
  • App Developers
  • Agency Owners
  • Freelancers
  • And for many others
  • Suppose you are the one from the list mentioned above then, Congratulations! This Amazing tool is only for you.

PodKastr Review: {How it works}.

There are three major super easy steps on how PodKastr Work?


Podkastr Review

  • Step 1: Create or upload your audio


Podkastr Review
  • Step 2: Customize your podcast details. 


 Podkastr Review

  • Step 3: Publish and distribute your podcast across 20 podcast Distribution Platform, Embedded Audio or your website and auto-share your podcast website.

Once you go for this solution, you can also avoid worrying about making insane money online.


podkastr Review

How you can Monetize Podkastr


Podcasting Industry is the NEXT BIG TRAFFIC SOURCE  with Over 425 Millions ACTIVE Podcast Listeners, Accounting For 20.3% of internet Users.

Podcasting Will Be A $100 Billion Industry By 2028 and guess who is going to tap into this money well… YOU, you are going to be part of those who will be cashing out from this Industry and Here’s how…


You are going to Kickstart your very own PODCASTING AGENCY BUSINESS. 


With the help of Podkastr you will be able to Create, Edit and Publish podcasts for your clients… Publishing podcast episodes take a whole lot of hours if not days but with Podkastr you’ll get it done in minutes and get paid up to $400 to $1000.


Podkastr lets you use any pre-recorded videos in just 3 steps to engage users easily and sales in any niche. 

As a matter of fact It also comes with a Commercial License so that you can pitch podcast creation and generate services to hungry buyers.




I already showed you how Podkastr Suite works in the above section… With this knowledge I have shared all that remains now is that you purchase this Incredible product and start making some cool cash.


In Case you’re still in doubt about the Podcasting Industry, Here are some more facts;


  • Over 425 Millions ACTIVE Podcast Listeners, Accounting For 20.3% of internet Users


  • Podcasting Will Be A $100 Billion Industry By 2028


  • Over 30% Growth In The Number Of Podcast Listeners Every Year Passing Since 2020


  • Everyone Is Multi-Tasking, Prefers Listening To a Podcast While Driving, Gym, And Other Daily Chores


  • The above stats show that Podcasting is a Booming business! That will generates you profit in NO time   


Podkastr Review:  {Prices and evaluation}



  • Unlimited Audio Recording Minutes
  • Unlimited Audio Upload
  • Create Unlimited Podcast Websites
  • Podcast Art Cover Designer
  • Kickstart your own Podcasting Agency Business with the following assets:
  • Workspaces for your Team members and Virtual Assistants
  • DFY Podcasting Firm Site.
  • DFY Proposition.
  • DFY Agreement Documents.
  • DFY Graphics Assets.
  • DFY Advertisement Copies to offer your Podcast services.

OTO2: Podkastr Reseller($197-$297)

  • RESELL Podkastr and KEEP 100% of the profit. Easy way to make money selling software products. Users get
  • Resellers license
  • Resellers dashboard
  • Done for you marketing assets (sales page, ads, email swipes, etc)
  • Done for you customer support for life

OTO3:  Podkastr DFY Whitelabel Website ($97)

  • Deliver your Podcasting service as a branded one, never letting anyone know the true power behind your success.
  • Connect Custom Domain to all your Podcasting Websites.
  • Replace our logo with yours


Podkastr Suite


Should you decide to take advantage of this opportunity now that there are just a few persons who know about this, I have prepared some bonuses that will help you deliver the best service to your clients.




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