How To Write a Good Essay In UPSC?

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The way you prepare for your GS will help you immensely in your essay writing. Besides the GS section, here are some other sources from where you can take help for writing essays.

How To Write a Good Essay In UPSC?

If you are aspiring to crack the UPSC exam, you must be aware of the essays you have to write in the UPSC mains. What happens with most aspirants is they fail to understand the importance of UPSC essays and, as a result, do not pay the required amount of attention to essays. This is where most aspirants get stuck. It should be noted that writing is an art and cannot be mastered in a day or week. That is why you need to practice writing essays regularly.

What UPSC suggests about the essay paper?

In the UPSC mains, candidates have to write two essays. The paper comes with four essay topics for each section, out of which the candidate has to choose one from each section. Each essay comprises 125 marks. So, two essays make a total of 250 marks. This essay paper can either make you or break you.

According to the suggestions of UPSC, every candidate should write their essays relating to the topic. The ideas of the essays should be written systematically. The one who can express himself or herself well will be credited. The candidates will be marked based on language, content, the way you organize your essay points, grammatical errors, and spelling mistakes. To get these minute yet essential things right, candidates should practice essay test series.

How to prepare for essays?

The way you prepare for your GS will help you immensely in your essay writing. Besides the GS section, here are some other sources from where you can take help for writing essays:

  • Non-fiction reading

Only reading the UPSC study material will not help you write good essays and fetch marks. Besides your UPSC study materials, you also need to go through some non-fiction books. The style in which a non-fiction book is written, the idioms used, the figure of speeches, the rhetoric will help you immensely when writing an essay.

  • Reading some magazines

If you want to attempt social topics or socio-economic topics while writing the essay paper, you need to have a clear idea about it. To get the idea, the best would be to read essays on political, economic, and social topics and go through various monthly issues that deal with the same.

  • Preparing a collection of good quotes and anecdotes

When you get into the habit of reading, you will come across a lot of quotations and anecdotes in several papers, magazines, etc. Make a separate copy to jot down these quotes or anecdotes that you come across and go through them at regular intervals. Once you are accustomed to the quotes, you will know which quote to use for which essay.

Expression and language improvement

The language in which you write your essay should be clear enough to be understood by the examiner. In other words, if you do not know to use the correct expression to express yourself, writing pages are of no use. A significant point that should be kept in mind while writing essays is when you use some complicated term, define and elaborate a bit about it first and then proceed to use it later in your essay. Instead of expecting the examiner to be a know-all, it is better to express yourself well and be on the safer side.

Just like you think clearly, the expression of your thoughts while creating should be clarified equally. Don't think writing long twisted sentences with unsuitable bombastic words will help you achieve excellent marks. The point is, if your essay is not understandable, you will not be marked well. Further, writing complicated stuff and testing the examiner's patience is not something that candidates should aim at. If required, you can break a long sentence into two different short and easily understandable sentences.


Many are of the view that writing good essays means mugging up a lot of new complicated words. That's certainly not true. Instead of using heavy words, you can stuff in some beautiful phrase that goes well with your topic.


Therefore, by now, you have understood the importance of essay writing and the amount of seriousness and hard work you need to score well. To succeed, you can practice the essay test series UPSC

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