Can You Get Insurance After an Accident?

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Get acquainted with the foremost steps to follow for insurance after suffering from a car accident.

Can You Get Insurance After an Accident?

Accidents take place unexpectedly and change your life forever. Along with suffering from injuries, you have to go through a significant financial loss. But, if you have car insurance, you can feasibly get rid of your car expenses. While suffering from these circumstances, you might be wondering whether you can get insurance after the accident or not.

The answer to that is no. You can’t apply for car insurance to recover the past accidents, but still, you can go for car insurance to resolve future events. Claiming for the insurance alone without knowing the legalities or procedure might create a predicament in getting insurance after you have an accident. Hence, seeking assistance from a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento could guide you with the best possible ways to claim compensation for your financial loss.

When you get into an accident, it is natural you have to go through a pool of intense emotions. The situation can be more stressful and can become even worse if you have suffered from body injuries. Somehow, you have to stay calm and focus on how to come out of the situation. Knowing how you can claim insurance can lessen your financial loss. This blog will guide you about the procedure and documents required to submit to claim your car insurance.

How you can claim insurance after an accident

With the intent to get the insurance benefits, you have to apply for insurance immediately after the accident. If the insurance company finds the claim to be genuine, they will indeed pay you for the damages caused to you or your vehicle. But in most cases, getting the insurance is not as easy as we think. In such situations, hiring a professional and experienced injury lawyer in Sacramento will be worthwhile. Here are some steps to guide you on how you can make an insurance claim for a car accident.

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Inform Your Insurer

The first step that plays a significant part in an insurance claim is informing the insurance company about the accident as soon as possible. Most insurance companies provide a time limit for informing about the accident. If a person fails to intimate about the accident within the given time, the company may reject the claim.

Visit the nearest police station

Informing the police station is as vital as intimating the insurance company. Lodging an FIR is crucial, as it is a legal document that insurers need to settle down the claim for physical injuries and car damages. The police will investigate the situation carefully by visiting the accident spot and checking whether the accident happens due to mechanical failure or not. In such cases, the auto accident lawyer Sacramento helps many people who have been suffering from car accidents and looking for guidance for an insurance claim.

Collect evidence for the claim

Undoubtedly, car accidents are much more stressful and leave an unforgettable mark on our lives. But to avoid expensive repairing of the car after being recovered from an accident, collecting the evidence of your car accident can help you claim for insurance with minimal hassle. The evidence can be video or pictures of car damages.

Submit the documents to the insurance company

After you get a copy of the FIR and access to all necessary documents, you are all set to submit the documents to your preferred insurance company.

Request for Surveying the Damage

Once you have submitted all the necessary documents, you can request the insurance company to assign a surveyor for the inspection process. This survey process takes approx two to three days.

Get your car repaired

After the surveyor has done the car assessment, you can commence your car insurance process and get your car repaired. This process takes place in two ways. First is, if you want a cashless repair, you can get your car repaired from any of your preferred garages, and the insurer will bring your vehicle there. But, if you prefer reimbursement, you have to initially pay the repair cost by submitting the original bills and receipts to the insurance company. In this way, you can claim your reimbursement.